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  1. Had a long talk on the phone with the Sargent of the PC who visited us and it looks like all the things will be dealt with by CID due to the complex nature of the issues. Full extent (hopefully) is as follows:- 10 loans 4 creditcards 5 mobile phone contracts bank account abuse Paypal card payments Just Eat card payments
  2. After speaking with two DCA's today in regards to some other issues, we have now uncovered 2 more credit cards and another mobile phone contract in my brothers name which strangely enough do not appear on his credit reports. Put a another call into the police today @ 16:00 and still no contact from them. If anyone is on the lookout for a detailed credit report, the information shown on hxxps://wwwDOTcheckmyfileDOTcom is excellent and has been very useful with our ongoing issues.
  3. The police have visited us, listened to the situation and taken down some notes and also a copy of my brothers credit file, they said they would be in contact that evening or the next day, we are still waiting, I tried to chase them up @ 18:00 last night, still waiting for a call back ... Wageday Advance, said they are writing off the debt, clearing the entries from my brothers credit file and that is the end of their investigation, we sent them a SAR for personal file details, a copy of the signed CA and method used for delivery for the CA, but they have denied the request saying "Unfortunately, Data Subject Access Requests do not apply in cases of fraud, as there is ambiguity with regards to the ownership of the account. If the details on the account do not belong to the named individual, then we could be in breach of the data protection act. We are more than happy to provide the information to a Police officer, upon receipt of the necessary paperwork, however they would need to make this request themselves." Still no reply for MYJAR.
  4. She has confessed to her mum saying she did it because she was being blackmailed by a psycho, but this does not hold any water since why would a psycho allow her to buy a bed and wardrobe for her daughter with the money she got from selling none existent phones on ebay. As mentioned before by brother has suffered a brain hemorrhage and she simply said "Dad, I have had some money paid into your account can you draw it out for me", he saw his balance was up and gave her the money, he had no idea where it was from, just it was there.
  5. We pulled off a credit report from noodle today and his score is 465. But now we have found 3x credit cards in his name which he knows nothing about and the worst news is we have also found that almost 7k is owed to Vodafone. We did get a call from the police and arranged to visit today between 12:30 and 17:00, but then had a further phone call at 15:00 saying it will be tomorrow now, hopefully they are now taking it more serious and we can get some results.
  6. Hi All, My brother has had 8 loans setup in his name, 4x Wageday Advance and 4x Myjar, my brother suffered a brain hemorrhage about 6 years ago and since then he has found it difficult to read and comprehend things, his daughter is the one who setup the loans, we have proof of this by her making a transfer into his account when the payments are due, unfortunately she has also been found out for other fraud to other family members and the payments for the loans have now stopped, leaving my brother a tidy sum against his name. I have spoken to Wageday Advance and they requested a signed letter from my brother giving me permission to act on his behalf, which has been done and emailed back to them. I tried to talk to Myjar who also said they cannot talk to a 3rd party but would need a letter and a copy of this passport or driving license so they can match the signature, 1) the thing is, we have not been able to find out if the loans are in his name or simply his account details used. 2) my brother does not have a passport or driving license so they cannot have been used for the application of the loans so how are they going to match the signature ... Between us (the family) we have reported 11 instances of fraud to Action Fraud, but it would appear only 10% of the reports are investigated. We have reported it to the police, a PC came out, asked a few questions and went away saying he would need to talk to his sergeant, and we have heard nothing since. We also have other proof of bank accounts being emptied, ebay [problem]s and paypal [problem]s, the list goes on. Can anyone offer any advise on the above and how we can get a conviction?
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