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  1. Just received a letter saying I owe £70 for a parking charge notice from the 30/11/17. It says if I pay within 14 days it will be reduced to £40.00. I parked on an Aldi carpark for 1hour and 49minutes, (17:58-19:46) apparently I should of only parked there for 1hour and 30 mins. The thing is I was with my family watching the towns fireworks for the light switch on and this is the best view while still being able to stay warm. The 2 pictures on the letter are completely blacked out and just show my numberplate front and back I have no idea how or where they were taken from as we were in the car the whole time. No ticket either. Unless it’s at the entrance but I’ve never noticed any cameras before. I’ve never received one before either so I’m just wondering if it’s legit and if I have to pay?. Thanks
  2. Hi all joined VERY a few weeks ago and tried for a credit account. Was given a £300 limit and both me and the company signed the agreement. After making my 1st order for wallpaper my order was declined and after I made enquiries was told multiple accounts I replied that was rubbish and then their reply was my application had been declined after further checks. My question is is this allowed? After we both signed credit agreement and also there is a footprint from them on my credit file as well as an OPEN account showing £300. Or is it just a case of being stuck with it, as I'd rather it not on my file or the search if I'm not able to use it. Thanks
  3. Hi bought a computer for my daughter 4 days ago from currys/pc world. It was described as a social computer which means just basic use. I said thats fine she's only 11 so as long as she can play basic games and watch you tube that's ok. The assistant said yes. got it home and it was absolutely terrible. I think it took 6+ hours for all the updates, not sure exactly on the time but went to bed and left it on overnight. The next day my daughter put it on it did even more updates for half an hour and on the left side of the screen a name popped up (something??) whatmann? I just had a feeling it had been used before (was sealed when bought though). she managed to just add a desktop pic and couldn't do anymore because it was that slow. I decided to take it to my sisters house incase it was down to my Internet running slow, so tried again there. We could barely open a page without it freezing, took about 15 mins trying to open 3 tabs and wouldn't close them straight away either also YouTube was buffering so no music either and the front speakers set at 100% played at about 20/30%. Checked reviews later and they were all terrible, I've looked online about taking it back and people have all put their experiences saying they won't refund as item open and used, but if I didn't open and try how would we know. I really don't want to be stuck with this as it won't be and can't be used, I genuinely think it's faulty. Does anyone have any advice on my rights with returning it? Thank you. Packard Bell All in one 4gb ram 500 storage Hard drive £329 down to £249
  4. Hi sorry for delay in replying. I'm sure the account was terminated, well passed on to a debt collector I thought. All I can remember was a man turning up at the door to "help" us if we were in some financial difficulties. At this point I don't think we had been paying the debt for a while. Things had started to get better for us so when he came we were more than happy to start paying again. Instead of the original agreement of £25 he said we should pay £50 as it showed more willing. It shows on my credit file as a residential mortgage (must be because it was a small secured loan but didn't realise it would have anything to do with mortgage). So every so often (possibly a year) we get a statement about the mortgage and it has 3 parts saying sub mortgage and can't remember the other but I've just always found it odd but never questioned it as don't understand it. Hope the above makes some sense.
  5. Sorry to hear that Old Cogger but you and everyone else are right in finding another job. I just hope they ruin themselves very soon, or tables are one day turned.
  6. I wish that was the case, one of the newly promoted supervisors would swear at one of the bosses and they wouldn't do nothing. They had an alcoholic main supervisor for 3 years and nothing was done, yet everyone knew, even the head boss upstairs but nothing was done as per but then again he was sleeping with one of the girls on the factory floor then she got promoted to upstairs. My partner has never swore and never normally says boo, it's me that gets more frustrated than him when he tells me things but he normally just accepts it. He has been sworn at before by one of the bosses and still didn't lower himself to that level. I think maybe that is his fault he is just too soft and maybe not seen as having to much of a back bone. He did have a wonderful boss when he first started but she was back stabbed and pushed out by the main boss he's had ever since. I suppose things could be worse there was a lady who worked upstairs in the offices for probably way over 7 years, but she obviously wasn't young and pretty enough for the boss, he apparently humiliated her infront of everyone and was screaming at her and god knows what. She ran through the building in tears and never returned and that was a year ago now. It's just such a corrupt place I don't know how they get away with it. No one wears safety boots or uniforms yet they are supposed too, people just allowed to drive fork lifts after 1 in house lesson it's crazy. They had to fork out over one hundred thousand in the last year or two because one of the workers had a serious accident, yet these idiots are all still there. He is definitely better off out of there just hoping we hear back soon.
  7. Probably was, but don't know exact date the default notice was issued however the account was defaulted in July 2011.
  8. All the same managers he has had problems with are still there, (they are just managers above each other) it's just new ones have joined and obviously as someone above said if your face doesn't fit they will stick together on their opinion of you. Like I said when my partner was called into the office to be told he didn't get the promotion, he just told him outright he knew he wouldn't as he was behind it, when asked what that was meant to mean, my partner had said how he passed him over for 3 promotions....well 3 as the boss didn't even give him chance for the other. The boss denied this but couldn't give no explanation so my partner just said whatever and walked out of the office. There has been loads of stuff that's gone on its like one big con place and the stuff some of the people get away with is shocking, I'm surprised it's still going. It will be its own un doing in the end no doubt. I've started looking for jobs with my partner and applied for some and am going to upload his CV on job sites, he's one of them that just settles in a place and no matter what happens because it's familiar but hopefully we will have some good news soon.
  9. Hi ]Have an old loan with Halifax that we defaulted on in July 2011 (thankfully should be getting removed soon). Anyway we have been paying back what we owed for what I'm sure is now the last 3 years if not 4/5. The thing is we pay £50 a month for what used to £25 (reg payment), but the the thing is we are still paying interest so £25 goes on that......does that sound right or should we not be paying interest on a defaulted account?. The amount we owe barely seems to be reducing. I think we still get statements from Halifax. Sorry can't paragraph properly I'm using my mobile.
  10. Sorry the writing is coming through in blocks, I'm using my mobile and it doesn't seem to be placing it right
  11. Hi thanks for replies. All jobs are all on the same factory floor so him moving positions wouldn't affect anything, he'd still be in exactly same part doing same thing more or less. Lots have new position have opened up and everyone else who applied got theirs even the less experienced. There should be nothing on his file he's never had any in-authorised absences or any warnings ever. Some there are are on final warnings, even the previous supervisor had had some warnings for vaping in the warehouse and yet these positions were meant to be on a points system. When we tell people they can't believe how he gets treated. The only problem he ever had was reporting 1 of his bosses for swearing at him, and then later that same boss moved him out of a department he'd worked on for 6 years because my partner refused to work on a day he'd booked off months off in advance, also the short notice of being asked the day before. Oh and saying that there is another boss that doesn't like him, he's the main boss upstairs but I think that's because they both slept with the same girl at work, she did alright though got a contract straight after it haha. I think he will just have to leave in the end but it's so annoying knowing that it's getting run by absolute idiots and they are getting away with all sorts.
  12. Hi, My partner has been employed by the same company for 7 years. last year a new boss took over and at the time my partner was pleased thinking he would bring change and fresh hope to the workplace. There was a position going for a flt trainer my partner applied and was the only one who did, but the boss decided to ask everyone else in the factory even though no one put their names forward on the public board. Finally another worker applied and got the position but told everyone the boss had said no one else was interested in the position. The boss then told my partner "he wasn't what he was looking for and it was nothing personal" (why add the personal comment). 6 months later a supervisor job came up my partner applied with 4 others, it was clear from the start 2 would not be in with the chance as only with the company a year and no experience. our family went on holiday when we returned my partner was told there was only 2 people in the running from the other staff. The boss later told him he wasn't in the running as he thought the stress would be too much for him. Now his CV was professionally done and hit every point on the job application, and if he was an outsider the boss wouldn't have used that as a reason. Next was the new works van and drivers selected, my partner has driven for 18 years and never had a point on his license, but low and behold he didn't get any chance and the boss said "it was only a select few". I think the nothing personal was used again. yesterday team leader jobs were offered followed by interviews a few hours later. In the informal chat before this my partner mentioned seeing a new job for a supervisor in the next department but the boss said the job had already been given to an outsider (the job had only been posted the day before on indeed) within the hour of my partner mentioning this the advert was removed from the job site. my partners work mates just told him he didn't get team leader it was given to someone on a different side to where that position was and the guy never worked on this side so don't know how he would fill in for supervisor when he's off when he's never done the job. (Advert stated cover would be needed). Only 3 people had applied for this position my partner being one of them. The other who didn't get the job even said in the interview he answered by saying he knows everything about everything in that department. My partners answers were he'd like to better himself and learn and improve - the both scored bottom. The boss has now just called him in to tell him he didn't get the job, my partner replied "I should of known with you", the boss replied "it's nothing personal" (broken record). He's an absolute idiot he's just taken an instant dislike to my partner and I'm sick of it, the worst thing is the boss leaves today so it just feels he's that much of a ....he still won't allow my partner to get on in life. My partner can't just leave as the wage is good and the job is permanent and we are a family of 5, I look after the babies at home but even if I went to work instead we would be worse off. Sorry it's so long winded but it's really depressing and annoying how sad people can be when someone works hard and genuinely wants to get on. I just wish there was something we could do. Just to add my partner didn't even get an interview for the supervisor job, where the boss felt it would be touch much stress.
  13. Thank you both for your replies Bazooka and mad woman, much appreciated and will be passed on.
  14. Hi all just looking for a bit of advice I think or info and a bit hopeless Both my sisters were awarded DLA indefinitely and had been for many years, since the change to PIP 1 sister was told she's absolutely fine and fit and healthy pretty much ( she uses a wheelchair and has various hospital apps with docs) she is far from dancing round the room stage. Anyway she applied for a MR and she's just had a reply in barely less that a week given postage time and they have flatly refused saying no chance pretty much. (The accessor did a home visit- I gather the reason for this was she was deemed unwell for an office interview. ...and lied on form saying my sister said "yep totally fine healthy as a horse" pretty much). Anyway point being surely in that timescale they couldn't have properly looked over her points and re-assessed fairly. I have told her to re-send the same letter again and address it to someone else, but she thinks a log will have been kept and not possible.......any thoughts on this, or should she just appeal again? Thanks. 2nd sister sent her MR exactly 3 months ago with no response, is this also a normal time frame?. ( Both sent recorded del)
  15. Hi I have damp on the sitting room of my wall which has spread in bits across the wall. I first thought it had come through from my neighbors house, and then I just thought it was due to a decorator usingbway too much paste on the wallpaper (which we ended up removing as started to mouldy and feel damp). just recently noticed outside of my house on the street there is a patch of tarmac missing/worn away which is exposing bricks below the damp proof course, so now I'm thinking this is where the problem has started from. Would the council be responsible for the repairs to have my wall fixed (the street is public, no garden) or would I still have to pay being the home owner. Thanks
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