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  1. Hi guys just an update, received a letter today offering me a fine of 140 to settle it out of court. Obviously i'll jump at that! Thanks all for your insight though.
  2. Thanks again for your useful response! Really appreciate the insight. I guess for me it's just a matter of waiting for the letter now but I'll be sure to let you know how I get on. Just had a job offer which is why I'm especially intrigued about the implications for criminal record
  3. I'm not sure, but i know for sure there wasn't an inspector or anyone to get the ticket off on the first train! I suppose there is nothing i can do anyway until i get the letter
  4. Definitely no staff on the first train. It was a tiny train. However, there were staff at the station i changed at, which i was at for 15 minutes (ample time to get a ticket and I'm kicking myself for not having done that!)
  5. Hi thanks for your response. Saying it was broken was done in a state of panic but it very well could have been broken as normally it is. However, I realise if it wasn't this could look very bad! Do you think it's in their interest to press charges or would they rather settle it out of court? Of course I want to do whatever I can do to that.
  6. Thank you all very much for your replies, appreciated. @dx100uk: Yes i have him all the correct information and was polite as I could be and apologised etc, and said i was sorry i didn't seek out a ticket at the change but rather expected to get one on the train. In his statement he did write that i would 'wait' for a ticket inspector on the train rather than actively seek on out so I suppose that makes me sound passive in the process. I haven't received anythign yet as it only happened a few days ago, I'm just really hoping i get the chance to pay an admin fee rather than straight prosecution or anything! It is my first time offence so he did say that was good, and he implied I would get an admin fee but who knows. He kept in future I should I should actively seek a ticket which of course I said i would. @BazzaS: I said it wasn't working yes. This machine more often than not isn't actually working but on that day I stupidly didn't check for sure, idiot..! I am 20 and yes because he said i haven't received a warning before he said that was good. The only opportunity i had was the 15 minute window of change as there definitely wasn't an inspector on my first train. So you think if they can prove that machine was working then it's very unlikely I'll get a chance to settle it out of court? @unclebulgaria67: Yes that is what normally happens when the machine is down - unfortunately this wasn't a normal inspector!
  7. Hi all. A few days ago I was travelling on a train and caught without a ticket. it was not by a normal inspector and instead an enforcer of some kind who took matters more seriously. I had come from a small station where the ticket machine often does not work and so I said that was the reason i didn't have a ticket and was not intending to complete the journey without paying. He said that I had ample time at the station where I changed to go and buy a ticket. He also said that because the station i got on at and the one i would leave at did not have barriers that i could have intended to do the journey without paying. I apologised and said that i had planned on paying on the train, but after research its clear this isnt good enough. The whole conversation was recorded and he asked my details etc and i think he said i would be receiving a letter with an admin fee. I have done some research my question is will the letter offer an admin fee because i'm quite scared of the prospect of a court hearing and potential criminal record? Is there a way they could find out the ticket machine was in fact working (i'm not sure it was) and prosecute further or will they just want a quick penalty fee? Thanks in advance for you help.
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