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  1. Hello all, Looking to see if I can get some advice. I've received a letter titled 'change of address notice' with my details saying they've updated my new contact details and I must contact them about non-domestic arrears for a small shop I let out. A few things I'm concerned about. Firstly, this is the first letter I've received about this, I'm worried any arrears might have gone through the courts and that the sheriff officers might turn up to take away my things. Secondly the shop has been let for the last 10 years and it qualifies for 100% rates relief there shouldn't be any rates to pay, even if there were it would be by the tenant. Called them today, and tried explaining the 2 above poinst but didn't get anywhere. They told me I owed £7000 something (can't remember exact figure) a nd that I had to dispute it with the council and in the meanwhile the proceedings would continue. Council had a massive queue and I didn't get through before it closed. Now really worried! Apologies for the wall of text and thanks in advance to anybody that can help.
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