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  1. I've messed up big time here bought the car for 3500£ and will cost another 4000£ to fix. which the car is not even worth.
  2. I paid using standard bank transfer.
  3. Hi I'm a bit frustrated and by googling all night i found this site. Hopefully there's someone that has some knowledge in this area. I bought a car on copart auction(online) beginning of 2017. The ad stated it was used and had normal wear and starts and drives. (just a used car.) I got it shipped across UK, when i received it i drove it hardly a mile to the workshop to get MOT'd and to see what was wrong with it. During that drive the gearbox felt weird, i wanted a second opinion of that issue. They said the gearbox was done. I couldn't even drive the car out of the workshop. I have loads of screenshots of the ad on copart which states the vehicle is working. , also on the info it says gearbox is a 5 gear semi auto. In reality its a 7 gear dsg gearbox. If i had known that i would have never got that car. because i know dsg gearboxes become faulty easily. So i bet seller knew about the problem and didnt inform copart about it. And guess what.. .. after googling i found adds on ebay and various other car sites from summer 2016. where this guy has been trying to sell his car and states gearbox has problems. (taken loads of screenshots from various sites) What do you guys advise me to do?
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