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  1. thanks for that reply, sadly not really want i wanted to hear. got a meeting on the 19th, hopefully some sense and reasoning will apply. from experience that is a tall ask. thanks again, gn
  2. just another thought, can they back date the valuation, therefore back date the council tax. yhanks agaian, gn
  3. a big THANK YOU, yes it was banded busuness rates, which i was liable for, now ive got more amunition go go into a meeting with. thanks again , gn
  4. thanks for the advice. but from what i understand, the ocupation isnt unlawfull untill a cease and desist order has been issued, im trying to arrange a meeting to discuss the matter, seeing that i never kept my ocupation a secret. benefit people / MP / HMRC / medical / neighbours everybody except the planning department were notified. they did write to me at this address though ( no other addres available ). also i was liable for any business rates reqiered. so hopefully sense will prevail ( didnt get much with the planning authorities though ) , thanks gn
  5. hello. hope some one can advise. i have recently claimed and been granted a CLUED ( certificate of us and existing development ) on a small commercial building.into a c3 dwelling. which i was liable for the business rates. now the council want to speak to me about not paying council tax for 7 years. most of that time i was on benefit and would have claimed housing allowance anyway. i did not keep it a secret i lived here even told the benefit advisor / my MP and most of the neighbours knew, as per the proof in my CLUED application. thanks in advance. gn
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