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  1. Update - Aviva have refused responsibility and they have referred me back to the broker CT capital I began looking at my paperwork more thoroughly and noticed that there was something suspicious in the paperwork I gained via HSBC SAR a few years back. The broker application form did not have any PPI on it - the ENdeavour credit agreement did! The credit agreement was sent to us by endeavour and not the broker - I have contacted HSBC again and they keep telling me to go back to broker - I have written to them again telling them that they (endeavour) added the PPI as the broker application didn't have it on it - I've also sent them copies HSBC need to take ownership of this - they don't seem to be listening Grrrr
  2. 0800 092 8689 The Chief Executive’s Office, Aviva General Insurance, PO Box 78, Surrey Street, Norwich, NR1 3EB.
  3. Quick update - spoke to FOS today to ask them to re-open my previous complaint as I wish to take this matter to the underwriter. They told me to go to the underwriter who was Hamilton and IS NOW Aviva. They gave me a number for Aviva that deals with Hamilton complaints. I have logged my complaint with them. So just wanted to say that Hamilton insurance complaints are now Aviva. Hope this helps others
  4. Would love to know how you got on as my claim is with the same companies
  5. I wonder if anyone can advise me of a contact number or help regarding a loan taken out pre regulation via Central Trust CT capital with Endeavour personal finance who are now HSBC HSBC blame Central trust as the broker - Central trust say they were not regulated pre 2005 so told me to look at the underwriter who were Hamilton Insurance. I believe they are now Aviva Insurance. I have telephoned many Aviva numbers today - they all tell me that they have never heard of a PPI claim with them as the underwriters?? Am I going mad? I really have no idea who to contact at Aviva
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