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  1. Thank-you @ All for the thoughtful reply's. I'm contacting my Solicitor today to send of a letter to the buyer's Solicitor. Long and short of it is he's continued to deliberately avoid my calls with the intention of holding on to property's such as fridge, beds and washer /dryer (not fitted). My main concern as stated in first post is items in the loft shed which are my personal belongings. Very Best Rgds
  2. Thank-you @steampowered for your welcome and detailed advice. Appreciate you and the community here. Will proceed as you have advised and pray for an amicable resolution and just regret that it had to turn out this way. Can never get my head round why people choose to behave so dishonourably. Thank -you.
  3. Greetings All, Been a fan of the forum for several years and kudos to the site team and members for all the great resources on here. I'm hoping someone can profer some advice re an issue I'm having with the gentleman that purchased my house late November. As mentioned above completed the sale of my home late November 2016, prior to the sale the property was rented, although tenant moved out prior to completion and I am living with my partner. Problem is I indicated that fixtures and fittings were not included in the sale, i.e. beds, fridge, washing machine etc. I
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