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  1. I am so sorry I see the confusion now, I was meant to say CAB not CAG. They are just sending him letters to copy and send which doesn't seem helpful at all. I also apologise for the vague details right now. I actually thought he had got rid of the car already until he mentioned it as he dropped me off home, so I've only got a vague idea myself, i just wanted to see if there was anything he could do other than send letters. I will get more details from him and update this thread, or get him to join as you have advised. sorry
  2. Sorry this is the first post that I have posted about this issue, and as far as I am aware he doesn't know about this site, but I've had help on here for various other issues which is why I posted here.
  3. Hi all, Last year my brother purchased a Peugeot 3008 from IP Motors (NW10) on finance back last year. The car was okay for a few weeks then all the problems with the car started, engine light came on, brakes needed to be changed, air con gased and so forth. He was sent to various garages to get things fixed through the warranty but the car is still faulty. At the moment he's not using it as hes worried its not road worthy (it recently went through quite a few MOTs before it passed) and hes had to pay out for another new car. He would like to send the car back and get back the money he's spent on the finance on the car, and get the finance wiped but he doesn't know if he can do this. The company keeps telling him to bring the car back, but won't say if he can claim that all back and CAG has told him to send letters but he doesn't think they are reading them. i just wondered if any of the amazing helpful people on here would have any ideas. Thanks
  4. Sorry last question from me then I will work this out myself. Do I send all/any correspondence to Kapama/opos?
  5. I have been looking through the forum for an answer to my question, I was just reading some of the other Opos/Kapama threads but none had any information on this specific problem. As I have said I haven’t done anything as I’ve been busy and to be honest totally forgot.
  6. Ooh sorry. To be honest I don’t have a clue. I don’t have a clue about this stuff at all so have gone straight to the worse case scenario.
  7. I haven’t worked it out, I’m just worried that as it has disappeared from my credit report that might be the next step. Surely if they were going to remove it from my credit report for any other reason they would have let me know somehow?
  8. Sorry for the very late delay, sometimes I post in a panic and then forget I’ve posted at all. I emailed Kapama/Minicredit for a statement from when I took out the loan, received the letter then haven’t done anything with it as I’ve been busy. Today I’ve looked at my credit report as a change was reported on there and realised the Kapama/Mini Credit file has disappeared completely. I haven’t had any letters or emails regarding it. Does anyone think that means I’m going to have bailiffs knocking on my door sometime soon? Or a court date?
  9. Sorry I don't understand all of this stuff. How do I go about doing that and setting things in motion? thanks
  10. Hi all, Firstly apologies for the very late reply. I totally forgot I had posted this until I logged in today to post about the same company. So Kapama/Opos Limited have sent me a statement and a signed 'credit agreement' from when i opened the Mini Credit account but the signed credit agreement only has the final sum of £520 that I would have been paying back for the sum of £100 that I had borrowed. The Kapama statement states the £100 I borrowed, £121 interest charges, £100 debt collection charges, £25 default charge 1, £50 default charge 2, £350 for attempted charges = £746 minus £55 I paid. does this sound correct to anyone? I'm not sure what to do about the irresponsible lending. I'm still searching emails for emails from the other debt companies. thanks
  11. Sorry I haven’t replied. Just a quick update, I called Monday asking for a copy of the letter that I was sent. It was waiting for me when I got home from work today, opened it and it’s sent on the same date as the letter I have only my payment plans changed and instead of January 2019 x 2 which is on my letter it’s January, February 2019 I called them and explained that this letter they sent recently and the original letter I received were different and the lovely guy I spoke to cancelled the summons fee as not only was it a ridiculous amount but as I have the original letter with the typo it would have been wiped anyway (his words) so I only have the £4 to pay. This is why I keep all the letters from CT I’ve ever been sent.
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