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  1. No reason, I just thought that’s what you did with resolved posts.
  2. Sorry I haven’t replied. Just a quick update, I called Monday asking for a copy of the letter that I was sent. It was waiting for me when I got home from work today, opened it and it’s sent on the same date as the letter I have only my payment plans changed and instead of January 2019 x 2 which is on my letter it’s January, February 2019 I called them and explained that this letter they sent recently and the original letter I received were different and the lovely guy I spoke to cancelled the summons fee as not only was it a ridiculous amount but as I have the original letter with the typo it would have been wiped anyway (his words) so I only have the £4 to pay. This is why I keep all the letters from CT I’ve ever been sent.
  3. It wasn’t a notice, it was literally just a typed payment plan. I’ve not received any letter since then until the defaulted payment letter last week, and my next council tax demand that has come through the post this morning. I don’t throw letters away which is why I asked for copies of any sent between aug and now, just in case there was any I’ve missed or thrown. Its all so confusing,
  4. To be honest I can’t be bothered with all of the rigmarole, I just wanted to know the rights I had in regards to copies of the letters that I have been sent since and including the day I was sent the payment plan but they are all being sent and should be here next week. The summons was my own fault as I didn’t pay enough on the last payment but as I’ve stated that payment isn’t on my payment plan. I only knew of it when I received a letter last week telling me I had missed it, so I called them to find that the Feb payment was my last payment yet when I called in January I was assured January’s payment was only one payment and that was the last one on the plan.
  5. I didn’t pay short that is the thing, I’ve been paying more than they were asking for and my last payment according to the lady I spoke to on the phone was the 15th of Jan which I paid 2 days after I spoke to her on the phone which was around the 1st week of January? I’ve checked my bank statements against the letter and every single payment on the plan has been made and paid.
  6. Hi all, so long story short I opened a small £100 loan with Mini Credit back in 2013. Missed the payments as I was also paying back Wonga, Lending stream and Quick quid at the same time so naturally it meant that it climbed up to £691 and only having around £700 a month meant money was hard (I was in part time employment but was only receiving £250 in wages). forgot about the debt, saw it on my Noddle credit report but thought it would go away, all other loans have been paid or written off. I was looking through this forum for advice on Kapama/Opos when I thought about checking my emails as I’d never heard from Opos about my account. I found a few old emails in an account I never use but opened on dated Dec 2018 stating that my account was being sent back to Kapama as they couldn’t get hold of me. Any idea what that means? I’m trying to clear my credit report so anything would be helpful. Thanks
  7. Hi all, this is a long post but I’ll try to keep it brief. Back last year I got behind on my council tax payments set up a payment plan before it was taken to court. They laid out the plan in a letter with payments dated every month from Aug 18 - Jan 19 but there was 2 payments in Jan. I didn’t think anything of it until it got to the beginning of Jan (payment day was the 15th) I called to see if it was one payment or 2 as they were the same date and I was assured that it was only one payment and that Jan was the LAST payment on the plan and it was a typing error. that was all paid. Didn’t think anything of it until a notice came through the door saying that I had missed Feb 19 payment of £89. I called them, discussed it all, they said there wasn’t a typo their end and that feb was the last payment (I’m guessing it had been pointed out and amended) and paid it a few days later yet mistakenly paid them £85 instead of £89. Yesterday I received a court summons for £79 which is the missed £4 and £75 court fees but surely the missed payment of £89 isn’t my fault as it wasn’t on the payment plan in the first place and not once after my phone call was I sent a revised letter with the amended plan on. Does anyone know if there is any way I can ask for copies of all the letters they have sent me since that letter in July? I’ve still got my copy of the payment plan but I want to see if they have changed it.
  8. Hi, Forgot I posted here so have just received the reply. Thankyou. I’ve just been on the phone to them for over an hour, dealt with 2 very nice managers from the engineer department and the department that deal with the live chat. The manager from the engineer department took me through the chat I had with customer services and the fault was mine, in my haste I had read something wrong and I accepted that I was the one at fault but she wasn’t happy because it should have been explained that I would still be charged for the missed appointment - I was when I first booked it but she said it should have been reiterated during the conversation about the rearranged appointment - and put me back through to the engineers department. I’m not sure what for but she said she had written some notes for them to read. The second manager from the engineers department was quite rude, was only interested in whether I wanted to pay the charge or not when I said I’d already paid it she wasn’t interested in anything after than, bid her farewell, wished me a happy new year and put the phone down. I’m not complaining about this, it just shows it’s a waste of time complaining to them again. They aren’t interested.
  9. Hi all, Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong category. I’ve been with TalkTalk a few years now, not had a problem with them in all that time until my youview box stopped recording a few weeks ago. I called up and made an engineer appointment that I missed as I was stuck in traffic when the engineer arrived. It was no big deal, I called up and re arranged the appointment. My complaint is, when I first booked the appointment the agent explained the charges for missed appointments. When I rearranged the appointment I was told I wouldn’t be charged, they would waive the fee as I had only missed the engineer by a minute or two (my 13 year old opened the door to him so told me he had just knocked when I arrived home). Lo and behold, when my bill came the week after the charge was added on to my account. I called up and explained the situation but customer services weren’t interested in anything I had to say so I emailed the complaints department but have only had an email saying that someone would call me. I have already paid the bill as it came out dd but surely if I was told I wouldn’t be charged I shouldn’t have been. Shall I continue to complain or just leave it? (Apologies in advance for the long winded post!) Thanks
  10. I did mention that, He said he'd seen enough he could take, listed the things he mentioned last time that I know are exempt and seemed to be slightly annoyed that the brand new laminate flooring I had propped up against my wall last time he visited was now on the floor (I've had it for over a year, it had to be put down sometime as it was in the way). He also asked if there was anyone that I could call to pay the £511 even after he acknowledged I had been paying so thought maybe he was trying to get money from me. I'm in no doubt he would have taken the full £511 today if I had offered it to him. I just wanted to check that there's no way he could come back to take my stuff. There's no way I could still recover it and still pay the debt!
  11. Hi just an update, just had bailiff back at my door again asking for the £511. Explained the situation, I'm paying £30 a week (I'm actually struggling and leaving myself skint to pay £30 a week) but according to him collectica have rejected this offer yet they haven't bothered to inform me of this in any of the many phone calls or emails I have sent to them. I'm not gonna lie, I have missed a few payments (I have paid well over £100 of it) but I'm a single parent and have had to pay out other things. Now I have to pay £60 a week. He just informed me this case wouldn't be going back to court and if I don't pay it he'll be back to collect goods. I cannot afford £60 a week. There is no way.
  12. Hi just a quick update and another question. I emailed collectica and the Marston group like BA advised, I actually emailed a few times and they finally got back to me yesterday saying as my account was with bailiffs I I had to call the person who it was with. Should I call them? Ive been paying £30 a week like I said I would in my email and haven't missed a payment but what do I do if the bailiffs do come back?
  13. Yep, just read that, he was definitely trying to scare me into paying, the first thing he said he could take was the dining table, its only a little round table small enough to fit 3 comfortably but meant as a 4, and everything in my kitchen, which is all listed. So glad I posted in this forum now. So amazing, I can't actually find an email address for Collectica (Surprise Surprise) just an enquiry form on their website. Shall I fill that out and take a picture as evidence? Obviously I can't prove I've sent it once its been sent though. I have emailed now. Waiting a reply. Thanks so much to BA for the advice. Sorry you had to repeat yourself more than once. Have a good day
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