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  1. I have seperated from my partner ex partner just over a year ago and some how I'd allowed her too put all of our debts into my name. Shock horror when we split up she stopped paying for them and I today had a bailiff call from Andrew jones enforcement. They've apparently sent out 6/7 letters too my previous address but I have only received one at this address. today he visited and has told my partner if I don't phone him within the hour he is going too be back too arrest me. Firstly the debt is £410 from council tax. The original amount owed was £80. I have had bailiffs send back debts previously due too the fact I have ADHD and severely struggle too deal with such people. I accept the debt but am struggling financially as I have recently been through court to gain custody of my eldest child [removed - dx]. However I have not yet been able to start claiming for her child tax credits etc. I have sold my car, tv everything worth anything except my phone during this time. Everything in the house is owned by my partner. Firstly can the bailiff arrest me ? Secondly am I classed as a vulnerable person with ADHD as it is classed as a mental health disorder ? What's the best plan of action from here he is due back shortly an I have no idea what to do ? J
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