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  1. Hi I have written it to post but I'm confused about the postal order...I've never used one. What do I write on it? Thanks x
  2. I have called and emailed many times!!!!!!!! How many times do I need to say this. It's still not been sorted after 10 days!!!!!!!
  3. Hi, I have called customer relations on 31st Dec. Then I emailed them with all the information you just stated i.e name address etc asking them to contact me via email as I no longer have the contact number I gave them on the 31st Dec as I returned the phone to Brighthouse. I have also written to my store as I want to pay for the one item I have but they won't accept my payments, keep saying I have arrears on items I returned in perfect condition, and a faulty sofa iv not had since October 2016! If you could look into this ASAP as its now the 6th and I'm getting no where. Thank you
  4. Thank you maryin2006. Il do that tomorrow. Really helpful. Thanks everyone for help and comments x
  5. Thank you. Do I just edit the SAR and post to my local Brighthouse store? And do I include a £10 postal order? x
  6. Hello, I wouldn't even know where to begin by transferring things from the laptop. Also my daughter doesn't know it's from Brighthouse, and as she's 18 and not home much I would have a hard time getting it from her! I wish I could send that back too trust me x
  7. Hello Martin2006. Thank you that would be great if you could help me put together a letter and SAR. Very nice of you. I have two items packaged and boxed to be collected today. I am keeping one laptop as I gave it to my daughter for college and all her important work is on it. I have paid just over one third on this laptop which was refurbished, not new. I have told them I am not paying any arrears on items I do not have but I want to keep my account up to date for one item. They won't accept my payment so my account is falling into arrears. x
  8. Hi Rahul, I contacted customer relations on the 31st. They were not much help. I want to pay my account for the items I have but they won't allow me too. Apparently I had a charge back (which I never requested with my bank. My bank automatically applied this when I cancelled easy pay without my knowledge) I actually called the store one week in October to ask if my account was up to date as I had more money in my bank account than expected and brighthouse replied "yes all is up to date" So regardless of how I came to have 'arrears' I no longer have these items so surely I am not required to pay the arrears, osc and dlc on items I returned!? Thank you
  9. Thank you. Yes iv been silly and very naive. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I am going to give them back everything I have to be rid of them altogether. Can I claim Osc back on terminated contracts? Also my sofa was faulty and I paid 8 months towards it. Can I claim anything back regarding it not being of satisfactory quality? X
  10. No I was told I had nothing else to pay as per their terms and conditions. They have asked for no monies regarding the returned items. This isn't really what I'm asking here.....
  11. Hi, I called customer relations on Saturday. They were pretty useless and said they don't know why I have to pay arrears on items I no longer have. I did mention their terms and conditions and they told me they would need to investigate. I just posted the question on here so that I am a bit more knowledgeable when they do get back to me. The manager was really threatening too, constantly saying 'when will you pay these arrears. The system won't allow me to take your weekly payment until you pay them' she was very pushy and forceful. She has now forced me to become in arrears with my current items.
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