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  1. my partner opened the door to a TV licensing official and answered his questions: do you live here?? yes Cautioned by him: yes unaware of issues with direct debit thought it was setup by last visitor. May i come in and inspect the set? No not convenient When was set installed/obtained?? 1 year ago When did you last use the set to watch live tv programmes here?? Today Do you have satellite etc??? SKY TV Well she certainly landed us in it.... We have an Apple TV box so as far as im concerned everything is streamed via the internet so i dont think we need a licence. But as per these answers i dont think there is a way out is there???? Thanks in advance
  2. Still no reply some 21 days later anyone any advice as to the next step. Thanks
  3. Well folks I sent this letter out to my Manager at my old work address and still to date I have received nothing. Any advice as to what route to take now please. Also I have a photograph of my screen when I worked there proving that I was top and won it.!! Thanks again 30th March 2012 Dear Mr xxxxx xxxxxxxx With reference to my wage slip dated 30/04/12. I have today received my wage slip for the month end March 2012. On inspection it appears that my payment of £500 for me winning the CSI for the third time has been omitted. This is a payment in respect of achievement of top CSI whilst in my employment with xxxxx xxxxxx and for all work prior to my resignation. This payment has always been paid to previous employees therefore I would appreciate this matter being resolved as soon as possible and a reply explaining the reason why this has not been paid in writing within 7 days from date of this letter. Please forward all correspondence to the above address. Yours xxxxxxxxxx
  4. PS how do I remove [edit] from the original title heading as per advice up top??
  5. Reason I am asking about the Tribunal route is that if they want to shaft me ill try shafting them back. I was not allowed to take days off without giving at least 6 weeks notice!!!!!, they were fining myself and other colleagues(but marking it down as commission deductions as they have been taken to court before for this) and generally making life uneasy on a "like it or leave basis!" not just for myself but for others, one other left at same time as me as he'd had enough too.
  6. Thanks for all the advice - I am going to phone the head office on Monday I was wondering do I say "look if this is not paid I am taking it further -legally!" or just ask the question politely?? . Also how do i go down the Employment tribunal route ... Thanks again
  7. I worked for [edit] (for my sins!) for approx 11 months. For the last week in employment I was off sick (sick note provided to them!) and resignation letter sent in giving one weeks notice.! Having just checked my bank this morning I have been paid approx £400 short. I have been paid my monthly commission but not a bonus payment for achieving complete customer satisfaction over the previous quarter - so for work I had already done/achieved. This is paid via a payment of £500 which after tax probably equates to approx £400. Can someone give me advice on what I should put in a letter regarding this. Obviously this needs to be done as soon as possible. Many thanks in advance
  8. Oh I am hoping this time next week, at the moment I have been there for under 12 months so I am sure that only 1 weeks notice will suffice. I am just thinking how shall I go about putting about my payment for bonus in the letter to ensure that I do get paid otherwise if they dont pay it I will have to start a battle to receive it. Due to the fact it is for work I have already done I cant really see why they would not want to pay it other than the manager being pedantic(which he sure can be) Thanks
  9. Sorry I have omitted the main point (with rushing and looking after the kids) - I have actually been offered a job that I can start as soon as I feel better and have another job offer on the table also. Thankyou again
  10. Hi I am currently off work as my back has completely gone(torn muscles). I work for a large vehicle sales company and I am currently looking for another job - I have actually been offered a job that I can start as soon as I feel better and have another job offer on the table also. I will also be owed last months commission (approx £1k) and also a bonus of £700 for winning the customer satisfaction competition. This entails all my previous customers receiving email questionnaires to say how satisfied they were - out of all the salesmen i received the most 100% satisfied surveys back and hence win the money. Only thing is now I have heard off another salesman that they may refuse to pay this money to me. Shall I write a letter handing my notice in and also include in the letter that I look forward to receiving all monies owing including the bonus owing for the customer satisfaction. I need to get this in the post today so any response would be received with thanks.
  11. I work as a salesman and have worked there for just under 12 months. When I started work I had a tattoo on each lower arm(childrens name only). I wore short sleeved shirts last summer - i was ribbed at first by the managers but then nothing said. Now the weather has changed for the better it was mentioned yesterday that short sleeves are not allowed if tattoos are on show. I have looked in my company handbook (employment) and it is NOT stated anywhere that they are not allowed. I know that some staff north of the borders are allowed to work with tattoos on show. PS The company I work for are very very large(mainly in Scotland).. Please advise asap
  12. Also on the date of the eviction ascendum contacted us by phone call. The time of eviction was at 11am and they called at 9.58am to say that if a payment was made the eviction could be stoppped. Obviously by this time we had made arrangements for somewere else to live and scraped and borrowed for the months rent and months deposit so this was not an option. We explained to the mo. co represenattive that if we had been offered this help months ago we would have taken it and that he was the 1st person to have listened to our circumstances. We couldnt afford it so we just went at 11 am and handed our keys to the lady sat outside our old house. Gutted isnt the word. The amount of arguments in our house that were caused by the noose put around our necks by ascendum or whatever they call themselves was unbelievable. Thankfully home life is a little better without the noose but still its not our own home. Thanks to these cowboys who change there name more than anything - I would strongly urge any new prospective homeowners STAY AWAY from this company at all costs.
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