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  1. Many thanks for that. And, to reinforce your own point: When I took the machine back following the failed repair I had printed out a section of advice from 'Which' outlining what I was entitled to, just a dozen lines or so, both the guy at the "returns" counter, and later the manager refused point blank to read it. "We have our OWN policy" the manager explained, to which I said, "So you are telling me that your policy trumps the law ?" ...... "We've seen it all before" she responded. This for me was the "light the blue touch paper" moment. As you right
  2. Just thought I'd give an update on my complaint, outlined above.... On return, Curry's maintained their stance in-store, refusing to give me a refund. However, I stood my ground, and after an hour, when the manager (not that I believed her) was authorised by "the computer" to issue a refund. Regardless, I complained to Curry's as to how my complaint was handled. I later received a telephone call from Curry's head Office Customer Services manager, who in turn had sought advice from their own litigation department. It turns out that my complaint was, in the words of their l
  3. Thanks for the reply - BUT, according to Which, the Consumer Act of 2015 states (outside of the 30 day period) ..... "If a repair or replacement is not possible, or the attempt at repair fails, or the first replacement also turns out to be defective, you have a further right to receive a refund of up to 100% of the price you paid or to reject the goods for a full refund" ...or... again according to Which .... "If you don't want a refund and still want your product repaired or replaced, you have the right to request the retailer makes further attempts at a repair or replacement."
  4. Hello. Many thanks first of all for the option to join. (I suspected there would be an active forum for those seeking some pointers with regard to consumer rights!!) I did a little research before visiting Curry's today with my "complaint" but remain, for the present, in limbo: In August 2016 we bought a De Longhi coffee machine (on-line) which developed a fault, in that it was intermittently ditching the contents of the machine's reservoir of around 1.5 pints of water over our worktop. (not ideal when electrics are involved) We took it back to our local Curry's (
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