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  1. Hi Disco v I just picked a template adjusted to say what I wanted I had the cc number which I put in I did know how much I owed but didn't put that in and sent it off I wasn't expecting to get anything so obviously I was over the moon when I had a reply a couple of weeks later. Give it ago I think they have templates on this site although I didn't use there's
  2. Hi peregrine I just looked on the web and found one that I adapted to what I wanted have a look on here they may have one you can use but don't put it down as ppi they call it payment break plan it is ppi but they seem to respond better if you call it the payment break plan
  3. I have done another thread with monument if it's not what you need delete it and I'll do it again ha ha sorry I'm blonde lol I have always kept everything also but it got too much so I spent two days shredding everything
  4. I wrote to monument about the payment break plan in December and got a letter to say the payment of £24,896 is due to me it took about 6 weeks they took off the outstanding balance that I owed them and I received a cheque for £23,086.22 all cleared well happy with that.
  5. Not sure how to do that dx100uk I have never done any of this before. How do I find the post on monument I would love to be able to help others get there's back as well. when I wrote to monument I didn't call it PPI I called it the payment break plan and I had my cc number so maybe that's why it worked this was from 2001 I couldn't believe It I was just expecting enough to pay what I owed them I will sort out the SAR the daft thing is I have just shredded loads of statements from years ago which I kept just in case now they have gone I need them. Thank you
  6. Hi In December I came across your site and read a few things about PPI I thought I would give it a go just out of interest to see if I had anything to come back I wrote a letter to monument credit card people and Lloyds bank. Well to my surprise I did have payment break with monument and they sent me a letter to say they were dealing with my request. I also received a letter from Lloyds saying the same. Then couple of weeks later I received a letter from monument saying they were going to send me a cheque for £24,896 I nearly died as I had an outstanding balance on the credit card they would take that off and send me what was left and true to their word they sent me a cheque for £23,083.22 result it cleared brilliant. I'm having trouble getting them to pay the debt and updating my credit file but that's another story! Lloyds phoned me and told me I had 3 loans all with PPI on them they have paid into my account £10,480 but I don't know what this is for I have had no contact from them since no letters or anything else. Now I'm thinking that what they have paid is not enough I know that one of the loans was for £9,500 and they added nearly £3,000 for the PPI I paid back just under £13.000 and that was in 2004 the other 2 loans were in 2001 and 2003 I have since found two more lots of paperwork for loans that it says have PPI on them. One was a business loan only a small one but even so it still had PPI. What I would like to know is what do I do shall I start chasing I feel like I'm being greedy but if I have paid it then I want it back. I used the template from the a magazine and adjusted to say what I needed it to say. I hope you can advise me on this as you can imagine I am extremely happy with the result up to now and the fact that I did it on a whim!! I have read that Lloyds do try and get out of these things but it is strange they haven't told me what they have paid i.e. How much Interest and if it's for all three loans. Thank you in advance
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