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  1. Thanks for the advice! Good advice. I've told my mother to ignore them. Citées the posts that have been shared here. She's going to go into the bank and warn them about this case they try and grab money from the account (not sure how but it happened before) and we will contact the DVLA in due course.
  2. I'm not sure to share a photo on here. I've been adviced to contact the DVLA anyway about the cloned plates though.
  3. Hello Recently my mother received a fine from a company called EPC plc. Pan European Collection. The letter was demanding payment for a fine in the Netherlands, where her car has never been. She sent them a letter saying that. They've rejected it. There were no payment details in the original or the new letter. There are a few errors in there. Capital letters mid sentence. They've told us to contact the police about the cloned plates and the police don't want to know. Where do we stand on getting this annulled? Is it even a real company? Thanks very much.
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