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  1. Hi I do not have a claim in for sexual harrasment. I do not know if I should or not, I am aware people may ask why let it go on for so long, but the fact is he did make me very uncomfortable and said and did things which I can prove. What worries me is he knows exactly where I live and there is not a lot of police where I live either, I would not put anything past him at all. I wish I had packed in the job long ago or better still never took it in the first place.
  2. Hi I have not submitted any claim etc for harassment. His treatment of me has been over the few years I have worked there and i have been off with my back since February. I am still employed by him at the moment.
  3. I am in no hurry. My mother bumped into him at Asda the other day and he had a right go at her about me. He says he wants to see me before he gives me any money and again told her that I was committing fraud as there was nothing wrong with me. I am terrified at the thought of meeting him as I know he will be very aggressive and will have a go at me.
  4. There was only him and myself, there was no HR depth or the like to complain to. I did ask him to stop but he had a nasty temper and I was scared of him. The place I worked was remote and I didn't know what would or could happen if he lost his rag. He also had a shotgun in the office. The letter he wrote also has other incriminating things in it with him swearing and reading it would give you a good idea of the type of person you are dealing with.
  5. Again thanks for the advice. 1. I will write a letter straight away and tell him I am looking for the money he is owe me as well as the 2k I will lose when my car is taken away. The company alphera financial I have spoken to them several times asking them to lower my payments until I get back on my feet but totally refused because it is a newish agreement taken our in January 2016. 1 month before I hurt my back! I am going to speak to a new solicitor regarding my PI claim, the company who are dealing with it are a claims specialist lot (ambulance chasers) as someone else put and I am not convinced they are acting in my best interests. In fact last time I was telling him I am not getting any money he said to me "Look, I think myself and the broker (my employers insurance broker) are getting pulled into something that is nothing to do with us and it is something you have to sort out" I am slightly suspicious as last time I received a payment in September, he did not seen to be interested until I said I was considering reporting my employer to the police for touching me. Whatever effect that had on him- 20 minutes after I said that to him he phoned me back and told me that he had just spoken to my employers insurance and they have agreed to send a payment. Why would they all of a sudden agree to send a payment on the back of me saying I would go to police? Also the area I live and where I work, it's very small and the place I work is the only dealer of what they sell locally. I am wondering if he might be in cohoots with my boss or if they maybe know each other. I really don't know. Another thing about him, once he up and away in a rush and left his computer on, I went into the computer to check a few emails and discovered horse porn on his computer. I checked and it was what horse porn as the it stated. Really creepy he is 70 years old and his mate also an old pervert used to come into work and regularly speak about hard 0ns and erec*ions in my presence which used to make me really uncomfortable.
  6. Hi Thanks everyone for all your help, I will be watching the forums and will answer any questions anyone might have. All your help is really appreciated.
  7. Wow thanks for the quick reply. Yes I still have the letter. No I am not in a union. The solicitor who is dealing with the personal injury claim advised me I didn't have a leg to stand on.
  8. Hi A friend told me about these forums and in desperation thought I would turn to here to see if I can be advised what's best. I work alone with my boss, there is only the 2 of us. Early 2016 I was asked to push a broken down car. Next day when I got up I could hardly move with pain and have been signed off since then. I have since been diagnosed with a prolapsed disc and severe sciatica which is absolute agony so say the least. I can barely do anything and am facing surgery to try and help it. I have a personal claim going on and my boss insurer has admitted liability. I have been in receipt of personal accident sickness but as it is a fraction of what my wage is, I am now in severe financial trouble. I am about to lose my car over all of this. The past few months my employer is now saying there is nothing wrong with me and accusing me of fraud despite the proof I have with my diagnosis. He is withholding my payments I have only had since September. I was very scared of this guy, he used to make sexual advances to me and wrote a letter telling me to get my t*ts out to make sales if I have to. He told me the day after to burn the letter but something deep down told me to keep it which I did. He touched me on several occasions too. I needed the job and had financial commitments and was scared of him, it was not as easy as simply pack in as I am a single parent and depended on my wage to keep a roof over my sons head. He is making life extremely difficult for me by keeping back my payments I am due and I barely have enough to eat. The solicitor who is dealing personal claim for injury has told me there is no case against him for harrasment and that I would lose so I do not know what to do or where to turn. Can anyone please help me or advise me of what I should or can do? Many thanks
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