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  1. Hi I do not have a claim in for sexual harrasment. I do not know if I should or not, I am aware people may ask why let it go on for so long, but the fact is he did make me very uncomfortable and said and did things which I can prove. What worries me is he knows exactly where I live and there is not a lot of police where I live either, I would not put anything past him at all. I wish I had packed in the job long ago or better still never took it in the first place.
  2. Hi I have not submitted any claim etc for harassment. His treatment of me has been over the few years I have worked there and i have been off with my back since February. I am still employed by him at the moment.
  3. I am in no hurry. My mother bumped into him at Asda the other day and he had a right go at her about me. He says he wants to see me before he gives me any money and again told her that I was committing fraud as there was nothing wrong with me. I am terrified at the thought of meeting him as I know he will be very aggressive and will have a go at me.
  4. There was only him and myself, there was no HR depth or the like to complain to. I did ask him to stop but he had a nasty temper and I was scared of him. The place I worked was remote and I didn't know what would or could happen if he lost his rag. He also had a shotgun in the office. The letter he wrote also has other incriminating things in it with him swearing and reading it would give you a good idea of the type of person you are dealing with.
  5. Again thanks for the advice. 1. I will write a letter straight away and tell him I am looking for the money he is owe me as well as the 2k I will lose when my car is taken away. The company alphera financial I have spoken to them several times asking them to lower my payments until I get back on my feet but totally refused because it is a newish agreement taken our in January 2016. 1 month before I hurt my back! I am going to speak to a new solicitor regarding my PI claim, the company who are dealing with it are a claims specialist lot (ambulance chasers) as someone else put and I am
  6. Hi Thanks everyone for all your help, I will be watching the forums and will answer any questions anyone might have. All your help is really appreciated.
  7. Wow thanks for the quick reply. Yes I still have the letter. No I am not in a union. The solicitor who is dealing with the personal injury claim advised me I didn't have a leg to stand on.
  8. Hi A friend told me about these forums and in desperation thought I would turn to here to see if I can be advised what's best. I work alone with my boss, there is only the 2 of us. Early 2016 I was asked to push a broken down car. Next day when I got up I could hardly move with pain and have been signed off since then. I have since been diagnosed with a prolapsed disc and severe sciatica which is absolute agony so say the least. I can barely do anything and am facing surgery to try and help it. I have a personal claim going on and my boss insurer has admitt
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