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  1. Hey I got a response from Xercise4less: "Thank you for your letter to us at head office regarding your membership. We are happy to confirm that your membership has been cancelled down. We have also informed CRS that no further payments are owed and all charges have been dropped. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you." Thanks again guys for the advice
  2. They only know my previous address.
  3. They don't know my new address which is why I've never received a letter
  4. Thanks. The only other thing I included was reference numbers and mentioned a change of address.
  5. I added a few extra lines, I haven't sent the letter yet. Do you think this is ok or should I add or take anything out? My membership at Glasgow Cambridge Street was cancelled on 14 October 2016, this was acknowledged by email and telephone on 23 December 2016. I have already offered to pay fees for September and October 2016 amounting to £19.98, however, this offer was refused by you and Harlands/CRS. I owe nothing more and will pay nothing more. I will not be in contact with CRS Debt Management regarding this matter as this dispute does not concern CRS and all further contact shall be in writing. If you allow Harlands/CRS to harass me with demands for gym fees and admin fees, you will be reported to The Trading Standards Authority and to The CMA.
  6. The first attempt I acknowledge I did not cancel my membership the correct way and the email was not sent which is why I offered to pay for September and October(but they refused it). The second time the cancellation request was received and they have also acknowledged it via an email response and over the phone as well. I said to the gym when I spoke to them over the phone that I would not speak to CRS, had no intention of dealing with them and will pay no DCA fees for their decision to pass it over to them. I'll send a letter to them as you stated before. Thanks for the advice.
  7. I had been with them over a year and now I was into a rolling contract so I didnt have to give any specific reason and they acknowledged the cancellation in October. I now know my first attempt did not send at all so I accept that I'm liable for 2 months gym fees. The last payment was sent in August for £9.99. But they're continuing to charge me for November and December(even though I have no access to the gym) and will continue to charge me for every month subsequent (including admin fees) until the debt is paid but I out rightly on the phone refused to pay for anything after October and offered to pay part of it but it was refused (based on we've-the gym- sold the debt now so we can't do anything).
  8. Thanks. Although like I mentioned they don't have my new address so I've no idea if they've sent anything.
  9. The last time I spoke to the gym I did offer to pay for those months(and also I said I would pay their admin fee of £25) but at that point it had been passed on to CRS and I don't intend to speak with them.
  10. Yes, so my membership was cancelled in October instead
  11. Well I admit I didn't cancel my membership correctly which is why I offered to pay fees for September and October. In August I wrote a cancellation email however, for whatever reason it didn't send and I hadn't noticed at the time.
  12. Hi, I initially attempted to cancel my membership with Xercise4less in August 2016, however it appears the email was never sent correctly which I had not been aware of at the time. I cancelled my direct debit after the last one went out and then started to receive text messages about account in default. I then went online and attempted to cancel again, this time in October which went through successfully. The first time I called Xercise4less initially about the debt and they told me I owed them £29.99, for September's fee and an admin charge. I refused to pay because I had thought the cancellation email had been sent. I called back in November after I had officially cancelled the account and then they told me it was costing around £50+ now. The person I spoke to told me the amount had increased to cover November's membership fee which I couldn't understand as I definitely received confirmation of cancellation in October. No one could explain to me why they were trying to charge me for November as well so I just left it. I got a text from CRS debt, I contacted the gym about it and was told this time that I was being charged now for December too. They said that because the direct debit was cancelled before I cancelled with the gym they will continue to charge me membership fees and any admin fees for uncollected direct debit until the debt is paid, even though they received and accepted my cancellation in October. The person I spoke to claims this was in the T&Cs, I have checked them and cannot find anything which states that. I said I would pay for September and October, and even their admin fees but I would not pay anything more. At this time they said the debt had now been passed over and I would have to speak to CRS, which I have not done. The amount now stands around £90+. They do not have my correct address and so I have no idea if they sent me any letters regarding this. I offered to pay an amount to cover the error in incorrectly cancelling from the gym but they told me I now have to speak to CRS about it. I don't know where to go from here.
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