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  1. That's a solid advice, and it reminds me that I need to have low expectations here. I'll fight it a bit before surrendering though
  2. Sure, I'm a big supporter of cautiousness especially after what happened to me. Do you see any dangers in people contacting me regarding the fraud? I hope you've realised what I'm trying to do here, and what ghosts I'm after. Anyway, Happy New Year to all, wish our world is a better place in 2017. Tony
  3. The post has done good already. If there was such a post for us before we did the purchase then we wouldn't have lost our money. And Im sure if this happens to more people and they see the post, they will post here and will be in contact with the rest of us. Some details that can go public: - On icoinela.com, there was some company details mentioning the UK company ICM Limited. I expect this to be invalid information, but I have started a legal claim against them and I'll have an update by the 7th of January - Interesting fact is that even though most of the
  4. Because I'd like to exchange personal details since I'm now in the process of chasing them legally, and possibly hire a private investigator, and I'm already talking to other 3 victims regarding this, so I want to be able to organize all that and doing it by emails seems the easiest.
  5. I can't send PM's due to low number of posts. Can you please contact me at [removed] I'll then reply and give you my personal email address and we can take it from there.
  6. Hi all, I recently had a very bad experience with a purchase I did on a website called icoinela.com. Long story short, I was looking to buy an iPhone 7 plus on Gumtree, where I was contacted by a seller who informed me about a website with good discounts on Apple products, and he seemed kind enough at the time to provide me with a 40% discount code that was expiring a few days after. After some research I did online about icoinela, I found several articles saying that people have used it and that it is legitimate. One of them was BBC (well, not the official site, but a spoof site tha
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