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  1. Thank you everyone for taking your time to reply, I think I will go ahead and make an application and see where it goes. I am fully aware it may not go anywhere so at least I won't feel too disappointment if that happens! I will keep you posted with the outcome! Thank you again
  2. Thank you for your response! This sounds like a good way forward, yes I have a residential address which I believe she is staying at (although land registry documents say the house is owned by an aunt) so I can put that address down and take it from there. Your advice is much appreciated!!
  3. Thank you! I somehow need to find out whether the business was in her name, she describes herself as the "founder" on the salon website but I suppose that could mean anything!
  4. I appreciate you saying I NEED to do my homework, but how? I've purchased land registry documents, I don't know where she is or anything so not really sure what other homework I can do from here? Any thoughts much appreciated!
  5. Hi everyone, Thank you so much for your responses, I'm not sure which way to take it. Yes as you mentioned she did know she was closing down (maybe she is in a lot of debt hence why she started offering these "deals") a lot of people took on only for her to disappear. I will try to get as many people on board with me but I wonder whether there is another way forward? Is the court option not a good one then? Sorry I am new to all of this so not really sure what route to take.
  6. Yes, unfortunately because I paid her a while ago, it's been too long for them to do anything
  7. Hi Renegadeimp, Thank you for your quick response! I have applied to the land registry service to find out if she owns her property. With regards to assets I am not sure, she does drive and if she owns the contents in the salon then these are quite expensive (laser machines worth thousands and she has a few of them). I am not really sure how to find out any more information as she has gone off the radar. I am thinking to start a court application in the mean time? Hi WarrenBuffet, She was offering a package deal and told us that we needed to pay a £500 deposit and then the whole amount within a few months (which was £1000) however I did not have all of it and so paid her £750 in total. I realise this was not the right thing to do however then I was unaware and thought I had to give her a deposit. An update: I purchased the land registry documents and the current property is not in her name (but a family member) and the shop is registered under another name: BLUEWATER INVESTMENTS LIMITED.
  8. Hello, Thank you for taking your time to read this! I paid a beautician £750 for beauty treatments (laser) however she has now closed her shop and ran off with the money (without providing a service). I have attempted to contact her for a number of months and she always comes up with some kind of excuse for example, the machines are broken and are being repaired or the shop has a leak and is closed. She gives a date for an appointment each time and says the shop will be open "soon" but this is a lie and the shop remains closed. I have tried to call her but her number no longer goes through. I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice as to what I should do please. I am thinking to take her to the small claims court and have done some research, her company is not a limited company, however I am unsure whether she is the registered owner. I am aware she has a residential address but again I am not sure if this property is in her name. She did not provide me with paper receipts for my payment and said that my bank transfers were proof (silly me I did not question this). The only evidence I have are my bank statements and our whatsapp convo (I have taken screen shots of her messages but also have the full history). The saddest thing is that I am not the only one she has done this to, she has hundreds of people on her books and we all have been conned! Any advice or support will be much appreciated, thank you!
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