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  1. No, they kept the key fob and told me it would be cancelled as I was no longer welcome to shop in their store.
  2. I only want to go back there cos I drive through the car park 3 times a week and it's an easy store for me to do my shopping.
  3. Hi, I have just been banned from all Tesco stores for life and had my key fob taken off of me. I was using the click and scan device and had not realised an item had not scanned. The security guard stopped me as i was leaving the store (in a panic as I thought my phone was sitting in the centre console of my car). I was taken through to the back room and had my photo taken (without me knowing), had my driving license copied and my key fob removed from my possession. The lady said she was about to finish her shift and she didn't really want to call the police. I explained that
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