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  1. Thank you for your reply. Forgive my ignorance however it’s a bit ambiguous, I don’t understand the post 46 part.
  2. You’re quite right, you didn’t ask me to contact clearscore, I made that request myself to see if it was possible for them to find it for me as I can’t. I posted this info just as a follow up to the statement in your previous reply. Santander Sar. Because the Santander credit card was taken out within the last 10 years clear score shows the start date of this card which was Dec 2010. I’ve lived at the same address for 15 years, I’ve had my mortgage with Santander for those 15 years, as well as a personal current account for 15 years and the credit card for 8 years.
  3. Clearscore haven't replied to my request yet for the start date on the Barclay card. I have received a letter from Santander about my card with them, I replied with the SAR request. They sent me a reply that didn't have any of my details on it, like they didn't know who lived at my address. Three letters attached. convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2018-03-13_14-20-07.pdf
  4. Just had a quick look on clear score, it only seems to go back 10 years. The Barclay card is on there in 2011 as having the credit limit increased so obviously the card’s been taken out before then. I’ll have a deeper look later.
  5. Hi guys, it's been a while. I've had a few developments since I was last on. I received a letter from the PRA group (previous MBNA CC £7688) confirming the dept is unenforceable. I've also received letters back from Link regarding the cca request. I'm posting it up to double check my own suspicions that it to is unenforceable as none of the returned documents have my details on them. I appreciate the replies and also the help I've received from the site, so thank you. Honestly I don’t know when I opened the account, I’ve had so many in the past ten years. The
  6. I sent the cca on the 6th march, I got this letter back on the 8th but nothing since then. pracca.pdf
  7. Hmm, I'm a bit useless at this. I reread the earlier post from silverfox saying the cca was only good for dept pre 2007 but it's handy to have anyway. I'll do that next. yes mbna, credit card debt 7k, I'll put up the letter from pra that includes the settlement offer. It does mention cca on it but only briefly. pra letter pra1stletter.pdf
  8. As advised above, I contacted creditors via an email saying I had closed my GP DMP and wanted to deal directly.
  9. Ok so I've had one reply so far from PRA group, they've sent a request for an income expenditure. Should I fill this in as requested? Thank you for your recent contact. Please complete the enclosed Income and Expenditure form, ensuring you give us the most accurate reflection possible of your financial circumstances. You may submit the information via one of the following methods: · Telephone our offices on 0800 877 2772 where you can complete this with one of our agents. · Email us the completed form to [email protected] · Complete online
  10. Paraphrased below. [quote=silverfox1961;4996979 ]Hi Have they sent all comms they had with each creditor as well? Yes Have they sent all information of how much you have paid them and how much they distributed to each creditor? Yes Are you able to reconcile every payment made with the charges they made? (just in case they have overcharged you) Yes, plus there is prof of receipt by creditors. Did they build up a 'pot' of cash to assist in Full and Final Settlements and if so, where is it? No, they charged an on going monthly fee that was the same from inception to end.
  11. Ive recently had what looks like the full SAR request emailed to me from GP, it includes. We refer to your data subject access request in which you requested information under the Data Protection Act 1998. lease find below a list of the information which you have requested and which is enclosed. -A copy of all Sent Communications -A copy of all Received Communications -A Balance Table with first and last confirmed balances -All Gregory Pennington notes -Signed Authority -Gregory Pennington Terms & Conditions -Statements of Accounts gp first repl
  12. I uploaded the letters direct to the GP site. I received a letter a few days later confirming the DMP closure. They also attached a sheet with the names of the people they were paying with reference numbers and amounts. I don't have access to my PC at the min to upload the letter but, is that it in a nutshell from GP? Do I now wait to be contacted by creditors or should I contact them first.
  13. I rang them today to see if they received the cancellation/SAR letters. the operator couldn't see that the letter had been received. I said it had been received on the 29th Dec signed by a college. He knew the guy so put me on hold for 10mins to go check. He came back and said the guy can't remember what he did with the letter and can I send a copy (which I have as I scanned them before I sent them). The operator said he was sorry, would close the dmp today and I'd get a confirmation letter in the post.
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