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  1. Hi stu007 Yes it has all been sorted im home and dry, long hard fight but with the help of all on here i came out the other side. thank you so much for your advice
  2. ok thanks for help, yes finally sorted bankruptcy thing paid £10k debt in one go, now son bought house with all equity and im as free as a bird, RELIEF
  3. thanks for replies details as follows: i sold my house to my son and gifted him the equity £50k i received bill from solicitor and i have had to pay Indemnity insurance arrangement fee £105 my point being my son was also charged the same The policy is basically to protect the lender should i go bankrupt. my question is do i pay to protect my sons lender or should my son? surely not both of us
  4. Hi All I gifted my son the equity in my house for him to get on the property ladder, who pays this new indemnity policy forced to take out by lenders as we have both been charged for it, seems unbelievable i have to take out an policy to protect my sons lender, thanks in advance
  5. Hi All, read all info provided, contacted the court, they sent copies of the notice it was sent to my old address now sending all forms to LR for removal, thanks a million, excellent advice Thank you all
  6. Hi No i was never bankrupt i paid in full after attending court as i thought that would be the end of it, thanks for info i will red through it the debt was to Virgin MBNA it was chivers easton and brown division of Howell-jones solicitors who i dealt with it was them i had to sign money over to as when i made offers they said their client would not accept any less than the full amount or they would put a charge on the property they didnt say they HAD done
  7. Hi, sorry if im posting in wrong section not sure where to go. I have just noticed on land registry there is a petition in bankruptcy notice 86 (2) from 2013, within 14 days i paid the debt off fully, but creditors (virgin) wouldn't acknowledge it or send a receipt, totally ignored me when i paid the £8,500 by bank transfer (receipt found) how can i get this removed as want to sell the house, any help at all please as i thought this all went away in 2013 when it left me broke, ive just back on my feet.
  8. counterclaim states The defendant claims interest under s69 county courts act 1984 on all damages awarded to them at such rate for such period as the court thinks fit AND THE DEFENDANT COUNTERCLAIMS Damages re paragraph 11 Damages as stated in paragraph 13 Damages as stated in paragraph 14 Interest as stated in paragraph 16
  9. Hi FINALLY been to court and awarded in my favour, but i have just realised the judge made no mention of return of all my court costs, have i lost these or are they dealt with separately? many thanks in advance
  10. Hi Just an update, court adjourned again, due to defendant using family ties as excuse, suddenly hes produced 2 witness statements (12 months later) which are complete untruths, will this harm my case or will the judge see through this, im panicking as to how people would dare lie to a court
  11. Hi Well its another year, paid the court £170 for fees in December, now going ahead in Welsh court, now i have to pay another £80 trial fee. The court has asked for copies of all documents to be sent in AGAIN, this is the 6th time, i DONT have any copies of the photos left, to put it all together again, would the court not just have all the papers forwarded or do i have to somehow resubmit everything again by the due date? ( i honestly thought the last hearing date would be the last so sent originals). Please advise as i cant afford another solicitor Thank you in advance
  12. Hi Went to court on the day, just to be told it will now be transferred to defendants court as this is the norm, is it usual practice for the claimant to keep trying to withdraw or am i right in assuming the possibility he is questioning the strength of his case? Also as a barrister wrote my defense can i count on that to be a good standing for me ? thanks for all help to date
  13. Hi Ok i got notice original date of 10/02 is still going ahead after paying fees to continue, with the court date was a letter from the other party asking for it to be transferred to his local court, as im free to move about easier than him, also he wants to get a court order to see the details the police have on file for the items i reported him for witholding when he locked me out of the property, he also is if needed not attending but conference calling. Is this a no win situation for me?
  14. Hi I phoned and asked what to do so all i have done is asked for my counterclaim to go ahead, im waiting to see what they say happens next, parting with more money first, i presume, but i defended this case on principal of the lies told and 12 months after the fact, im just so glad i kept all letters and texts to prove my innocense in this as i walked away losing my deposit and living in a house with no heating, hot water and rats but as stated earlier, the barrister i took on said that was the least of his worries as the landlord broke so many laws not protecting deposit, illegal eviction and stealing the property i had in the house, this guy cannot be allowed to get away with it, to me, or anyone else so im willing to take the financial hit taking this further so it doesnt happen to anyone else.
  15. Hi Phoned the courts and they want me to just put in a letter i wish to go ahead with my counterclaim so im doing that now
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