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  1. Good news. I've just been informed by the county court bailiff that my ex employer has settled the judgment in full and a cheque will be sent out next week!
  2. Thanks for your reply. I was unable to find out who the claimant was for the £35,000 I obtained the info by paying £4 to Trust Online
  3. I issued a MCOL to my previous employer for a bonus that was not paid to me back in September 2016. I chased and chased this payment during my employment through my manager and payroll (the only way to contact payroll was via email) all emails were ignored. I have copies of all emails I sent requesting the payment at the time. In November 2016 I sent a final letter chasing the payment, giving 7 days before commencing action through MCOL. I received a default judgement as they did not respond and have now paid £77 to issue a Warrant of Control which was issued on 16th Dec
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