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  1. . My apologies for the previous post but I was strapped for time therefore wrote fast. I bought the hob from ‘thewrightbuyltd’ company on 25/09/2015 over the internet and that came with 1 year manufactures warranty. I am not sure when exactly, but after couple of months some of the hob plates stopped working, and the rest of the plates were not releasing enough heat. The engineer was called from the candy/hoover group. First he said it is not repairable so he will order a replacement, when in fact he went back to the company and had a change of heart so ordered a part. We had to wait a month for the part (i had to call couple of times to chase it up). After a month the same engineer came and repaired the hobs, however the heating was still slow. Then just before the warranty was about to expire it broke down again with one of the hobs not working and the rest was supplying very low heat. I asked them to come and look again as it was very difficult to cook a meal (took very long- nearly 2 hours to boil pasta) The same engineer came and after 5 minutes he decided that the hobs were fine even though I insisted they were not (communicated with him over the phone). After some time a bill for £ 65 landed on the door, and despite me calling and explaining that the hobs are not working and the repair was done within the warranty they insist that I have to pay the bill as according to the engineer I called them for no reason. So I bought this for less than £100 and I have to pay £65. I have no idea what to do. I was told a manager was going to call but no one called so far. Thank you
  2. Hi there, I have a problem with Hoover candy group and I don't know what to do . I bought a cooker/hob for my mother and within months it broke down. I called the engineer who came and said this hob is useless I will tell the company to sent a replacement. We waited and nothing came. When I called them they said the engineer has ordered a part when he told us you will get a replacement. We had to wait a month for the part(no cooker-no apologies). It was fixed after a month but the heat was really low. It broke down again nearly at the end of the year. The engineer came again(the same person) and after 5 minutes decided to leave and say the hob if fine. Now I keep receiving invoices from Hover Candy group of the amount of £64.50 for the call out even though the hob was still under manufactures warranty but the engineer is pretending the hob was fine and he was called for no reason and for that he is charging us the amount. I keep calling them to say that you need to come and inspect the hob as one of the plates is still not working and the rest are producing very low heat that you need at least two hours to make some pasta. I am at my end wits and i don't know what to do. Is there any suggestions? Anybody had the same issue? what do i do as i am not going to pay. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my complaint.
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