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  1. Ok, thanks. so if I send off for a copy of the credit agreement then what would I do next? Im so sick of them getting away with treating consumers like Rubbish
  2. trying to work out if I'm at the end of the road here. The FOS email states: I understand that Halifax should have provided you with statements and/or information as per legislation and the information issued by the UK Cards Association. However, Halifax have accepted it did not provide you with statements with that information which in my opinion is reasonable. So they have gone against regulations for 31 months but the FOS say admitting that is good enough. I'm guessing they win?
  3. No, they closed it because they wrongly marked it as having the card reported stolen. They've owned up to all this in writing, and telling me I wasn't eligible for statements as my account was closed. I never defaulted. It got lost in their 'fraud' section, account number was changed and they just wouldn't fix it (or admit any of this till I issued the SAR) They cocked up big time and admit it in writing, but FOS say £200 is reasonable for 31 months of mishandling
  4. Yes, I have kept up payments through 31 months of no statements. They restarted last month. The thing is, I'm not sure the FOS has listened at all because she's explained to me how and why they never set a minimum payment of less than the interest added that month, but I have copy statements that clearly show this. Also this article https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/money/2014/aug/09/banks-scandal-personal-loan-errors-payout-refund?client=safari Shows banks having to repay interest for wrongly worded statements, yet FOS say halifax have don't nothing wrong in allowing me no statements and £200 for inconvenience is reasonable.
  5. Just heard from the FOS and they've sided with Halifax saying that that £200 is fair compensation for 31 months of being refused statements so I'm guessing that's the end of the road for my complaint?! Thanks for all the advice
  6. it's in the hands of the FOS now. Thanks to you all for your help, will let you know how when I hear back.
  7. Thanks, I really hope you're right, it would be nice to not be giving halifax all my didposable income.
  8. I am getting all my paperwork together all will fill out the FOS form this week. (I have an autistic child who I probably need to be back at school to make sure I get this done properly.)
  9. Yes, this letter states I can escalate to the FOS but they don't believe that I could have paid anymore anyway so statements would not have benefitted me. they offer £200 as final settlement. They have admitted telling me I couldn't have statements on many occasions and wrongly marking my card as stolen and closing it/blocking statements without informing me.)
  10. So would my next step be FOS? They've admitted in writing they did mishandle, but basically say they don't believe that I had the ability to clear the debt anyway. Does that make me look bad?
  11. So, I've had a final response from halifax, they've admitted that they withheld statements and that I phoned 'numerous' times and was wrongly told that I was not eligible to see a statement . But they've said that this has made no impact on my ability to pay the debt and they will not repay any interest or charges. They've offered £200. (They have charged me £12,300 interest alone over the months of withholding any statements or account info) do I have any case for furthering my complaint with the aFOS, or do I accept their offer?
  12. Thank you. That's really useful. 2 days after receiving my complaint, they rang and said they had broken no rules and would not be refunding anything. She asked me 'what difference would statements have made to my handling of the account anyway?' And offered me £180. I refused and told her I that all communication should be in writing from this point. I'm now just trying to arm myself for their inevitable refusal letter, so this is very useful.
  13. No, I had no paperwork at all until I complained and did an SAR request last month. Had 3 years of photocopied statements so far, nothing else.
  14. A bit of a long one. Sorry! I took out a credit card with halifax about 9 years ago stupidly ramped up £14k debt. I've paid off as much as I could since this time. No defaults but paid late 5 times (by 2 or 3 days.) in April 2014 halifax closed my account with no contact or reason. At this time I phoned and said my statements had disappeared online and was just told my account was closed so I wouldn't be able to see them anymore. (I assumed they were allowed to do this. ) Since then I've phoned a number of time telling them I had no statements anymore and they gave me info on balance. Last month a debt specialist told me they couldn't refuse me statements and were breaking credit agreements. I've sent off a complaint they came back saying they'd done no wrong but sent me 3 years of photocopy statements showing that despite paying off at least 320 a month my balance is still shrinking by approx £5 a month. My APR is 29.9 and minimum payment doesn't always cover the interest. Halifax say they have not miss handled and offered ey £180. I turned it down and they are considering my case. Does anyone know Whether I have grounds to claim compensation? Thanks for taking the time to read.
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