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  1. Hi sorry I thought I had already said. After contacting Shoosmiths they agreed the payment plan but said they was still going for the decree so I sent the court paperwork off admitting liability and included their letter in the hope the judge would agree to the £32 per month this has all been these last two weeks the court date isnt until February i was hoping the judge would make a ruling before then saving me a court appearance which I have read happens when the pursuer agrees to the payment plan and the court doesn't actually happen and the decree is granted wi
  2. Hi thank you for the clarification. The national debt line advisor made me think I was covered by the scottish rules so we was unsure about the 5 years being over. The one that has gone to court was a buy now pay later debt so I did not miss my first payment until maybe august or september 2011 and with the 6 years rule they have until 2017 to take action so I will not be defending this case as I can only imagine what the additional court costs would be on top when I lose. The other two. First missed payment would of been 6th October 2010 but as I have sent the
  3. I am sorry that you all may of seen this issue a million times already but ive spent weeks reading forums and still feel so lost. So i hope you will bear with me and help sort my confused brain. When living in England I had several accounts. Credit cards. Catalogues and even a loan. When the recession came in 2010 I found myself without a job and no way to pay. My partners mother offered me a cleaning job but I had to relocate to Edinburgh September 24th 2010 was the day i left England, this job barely covered the rent so yes i am ashamed to admit I walked awa
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