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  1. Thanks for prompt reply, was just looking at truecall website! but if it is answering unknown calls, then if the charge is applied on answer then it will still charge. Trying to get to the bottom of what is exactly happening, as I have just found a similar scam using 0800REVERSE but it seems that gives a prompt to accept a charge. If I am understanding correctly the charge is being applied on answer - with no user acceptance needed.
  2. Hi Hope someone on here can shed some light on this scam. I was recently reviewing an elderly relatives Shell energy phone bill, which was considerably higher than expected as there is a calling plan to cover call costs. There were a number of 'service calls' itemised. On calling Shell Energy, they were informed that these were 'auto reverse charges' which are applied automatically when a call from a scammer is answered. The were told that this cannot be stopped and the only remedy is to change the number which is not really practical. I have never heard of this practice as I have not had a land line for a number of years, can't find any information on the web or on the ofcom site, and can find no information in the Shell pricing guide. Is this really happening? can a phone user be charged for answering the phone before knowing who is there? This sounds like an open wallet to scammers. Surely it is not legal for a phone company to charge the user. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  3. I went through this process last year and was very pleasantly surprised with the amount of help available from the land registry - the process is very well documented and there are even videos to guide you through the process. If you are still unsure on any point there is a very friendly help line. So glad I didn't pay the rip off solicitors the £380 and instead invested half an hour of my time instead.
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