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  1. Morning all, Have attached the latest letters received. What is best for me to do now please? TNC Letters.pdf
  2. I wouldn’t put it past TNC trying their luck. Isn’t this what these private parking companies/DCAs thrive on.... scaremongering and taking advantage of individuals naivety of the law? Before I came across this website I would have probably appealed thinking these people would be reasonable and then when they rejected the appeal, give in and provide them with my hard earned money!
  3. @ silverfox1961 - Thanks for the info, I will contact the DVLA. @ ericsbrother - did question that myself re. the admin fee. Also thanks for the heads up about the PO box address. So just to be clear on next steps... do I need to bother myself with submitting an appeal including the aforementioned points and a request for cancellation or POPLA code. Or do I do nothing and wait it out? Only thing with the latter is that I could do without the aggro of bailiffs/car clamping.
  4. You beat me to it dx100uk... “debt collection & associated services”. So are DCA’s allowed to send out the NTC?
  5. Morning all, So I received a NTK on 05.10.18 - within the 56 day guideline. Few things to mention: - NTK has been sent by TNC parking services and not P4 Parking. - The location of the parking charge stated on the NTK is incorrect. - In the third paragraph, the NTK refers to “the car park” which surely contradicts the double yellow ‘contravention’. - Issue time of the parking charge on the NTK (18.00) is different to the issue time on the parking charge notice (17.59). Not sure if the last point is that relevant as it’s only 1 minute out but decided to mention it as it appears to be relevant to what is stated in POFA schedule 4, 9(2)(a). Apparently, TNC obtained the keepers details from DVLA using a “reasonable cause request”. I had a look at the DVLA form entitled “Request information if your company issues parking or trespass charge notices (form V888/3)” (link below) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/v8883-request-for-information-for-those-who-issue-a-parking-charge-notice The declaration (section 7) and section 5 guidance notes mention that the information requested should not be passed onto third parties. Not sure how this sits with POFA schedule 4, 11 (1) though?? Would be ace if you guys could take a look at the latest developments and let me know what you think. Do I need to be sending a complaint to the DVLA? Or do I need to send an appeal to Pathetic Parking listing the above errors and threaten to report them to the DVLA?? Thanks in advance NB. Copy of letter and mentioned sections of V888/3 form attached. NTK & DVLA form.pdf
  6. Ok, thanks for breaking things down for me guys and also for going out of your way to look into things, appreciate it. So i’m just going to await the NTK..... & prepare for battle!
  7. @silverfox I believe the restricted area the sign refers to is the area after the barrier further up the road, i.e. just beyond the DHL van on google maps. Have also attached a photo of the barrier, taken today. Are you suggesting that the sign implies non-permit holders need to approach the pharmacy to register their vehicle? There are about 5-6 spaces after the car club area. @ ericsbrother please can you explain what contract to park you are referring to? PDF Photos R. Arsenal barrier.pdf
  8. Thanks ericsbrother, i’m with you for most of what you said. Just a couple of things that i’m not clear on. With regards to “no cars” are you referring to the sign which says “restricted vehicle access ahead to residents only”? Also, are you saying that POPLA could argue that I should not have parked there because the signs do not provide a genuine offer to park? Or are you saying that the offer to park is not provided by the signage when it should be?
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