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  1. Dx100UK; Hi no; yes heard about it. Ebrother 09:55 Hi thank for this. Kind regards
  2. Hi Yes I have. And having done my own research life insurance (it is also on their example on their website, and guidance) life insurance must be also included in calculations if on the policy at the time of transfer. Unless you had to be in the job at the time?
  3. Thank for your reply. I'm not retired my pension was transferred out to another pension provider without good advice my current pension it's in more of a share type pension scheme meaning that my pension will not be guaranteed it can go up or down; where as with the occupational pension that pension rate is guaranteed at the end of my retirement I'm to believe that my life insurance would still remain on my pension despite me not actually being within the Civil Service until retirement. This should of been taken into consideration and they should not of used my current pension scheme as a basis to value my pension only the amount that was transferred into it which was £21,000 considuring it was at a loss due to the property crash I'm confused how this figure can be used.
  4. Notional transfer value of Civil Service Pension scheme benefits £73,995.68 £73,995.68 Valuation of Scottish Widows Pension scheme £38,524.98 £35500 £73,995.68 £38,524.98 £35,500 Net Lodgements: £35,470.70 Add Interest Equivalent Sum: £0.00 Eligible Amount: £35,500 Less Abatement: £0.00 Total Compensation Payable: £35,500 Total Compensation Paid To Date: £0.00 Total Payment Due: £35,500 The original amount was £21,000, the new amount of £38,000 is what my pension is now. Please note I wasn't in the civil service This does not include my occupation life insurance attached my old pension or life broker fee deductible attached to my current pension.
  5. Dear those who have had decision letter or have Knowledge The letter said my lost was £80,000 (this is what my pension would be worth) however the amount they put as transferred was the amount my new current pension is worth £40,000(this is what they awarded me) however at the time of transfer the amount was £19,000 NOT £40,000. I am lead to believe that my current pension should not be used as a decision. Only the pension at the time of transfer. Were they right to use my current pension figure as the amount transferred when it £19,000. less broker fees My current pension is not income guaranteed it an shared investment policy They also didn't take in to consideration life insurance attached or brokers or life time brokers fee attached to my pension Do I need to make a separate claim for life insurances attached to my pension. I was lead to believe this should of been included in the calculations Any examples of FSCS Decision well be appreciated feel free to change figures and name Dear all The FSCS used my current pension figure as a lost sum however this was not the amount transferred and the model for this pension is not the same as the pension it was transferred from. They did not include my life insurances attached to my pension or life time brokers fees. Thanks
  6. Any can point me in the right direction on FCSC Decision letter. advice. I feel they made the wrong calculations
  7. Dear all I've been complead to write, Possible Intrapment when no evidence can be found An address you allegy have not provided PayPal apears on your account You try tp remove your address, you call and say they need to do a credit check, this is not needed to remove an address, You cancel your bank card but it still active with your bank The card us link to smoke address not provided to the bank You try to remove your bank card and the system won't allow it, this should be smart easy process You removes a number it reappears you try to change your email address the system won't allow it You get ask questions not relavent to your enquiry Post royal person show up at none delivery hours The other government department ask you questions not relevant to your dealing with them and try to obtain your signature Please be aware this is real
  8. UPdate, I been told by the court that the N22 in the incorrect form to use, and lender has not taken court action as yet.
  9. I have moved into the propery made an application to the courts, apparently Mortgage Express has made a Claim to the court I received no paper work, I wasn't told the claim number or what kind of Claim they made.
  10. OK well do, do you advise me to tell the receivers and bank that live in the property or just wait for them to come.
  11. Thank you we'll make an application on Monday, for the receivers powers to be removed and for any sales to be stop, I don't think I have the receivers appointment documentation, what does it contain? I think I need to show I've contacted the bank to remove the receivers even if they ignore my request I think I have shown I've tried to communicate, I well be moving into the property writing receiver. The arrears balance was false, they added the current month as an arrears balance, and they did not show any over payments I made. Is it possible for me to put an application to stop any salright even if they not put up for sale as yet, I just checked, I see nothing, I think they are getting clever. Yes there a large amount of equity in the property.
  12. Yes, not much, they want a sell on the cheap Yes I have a letter it states that the receivers well issue a sale I been advise to write to the lender telling them to remove the LPA, as there no arrears if they fail to do this I well applied to the courts at cost to them I also been advised to write to the receiver stating they are not to change the locks if they do I well report it to the police and they well be they be charged of the cost new locks I have also been advise as you say apply to the court to allow me to sell. guessing no initial action from lender is needed for me to make an application.
  13. No tenant in the property I have sent a Subject request requesting asking were I've agreed to LPA Receivers to the bank not the Receivers, please advise what my letter should say to the Receivers Repossessions was 2 years ago, but for a different balance, I'm currently in credit. They since sent me a letter stating they are charging the locks in 5 days
  14. The Bank has applied in the past, I believe old application could still be used so to ensure this does not happen I applied to the court. The Bank has not, told me they made an application, however they did mention that the route they would take. Yes the arrears was paid after the LPA took procession. Thank you
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