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  1. Hi all. Just a quick update. I called Hastings again yesterday and on Wednesday and I also emailed them to keep a record of everything. Then today I got a call from the customer relations department who were extremely sorry for the way my claim was dealt with and he couldn't be any nicer if he tried. Anyway, they increased the value of my vehicle to £820, then gave me £200 in compensation for my inconvenience, distress and their incompetence. I would just like to say thank you for all your advice. If I ever need it again i know exactly where to come. Thank you again
  2. Today I got an email from Hastings. They are now investigating my complaint and want to resolve it within 4 weeks. If it takes longer they will be on touch no later than 29th Jan 17. I emailed the car hire company letting them know and asking how long they will let me keep the hire car for without me incurring any cost to myself. I'm thinking of contacting the 3rd party insurers to make them aware of the trouble I am beng caused as it may cost them more money. I'm hoping they will be able to give me a quote w are both happy with to save them any more fees and sorting it out faster. Woul
  3. When you say they have to put me in the same position I was in before the accident, is that a must or general practice. I will be emailing them in the morning AGAIN! I'm sick of being fobbed off. I will also be contacting the 3rd party insurance company as well to make them aware of the increasing bill for the hire car. Hopefully they will want to deal with me quickly and fairly. Thanks for the advise I will keep you updated.
  4. To be honest I didn't know I could claim through the 3rd party until after I contacted Hastings. I have never had to do anything like this before so its all new to me. I have looked online and there is not really any cars with similar mileage and year and model ect.. It varies from £750 to £899 from what iv seen. The hire car company are Auxillis and have to claim hire charges directly from Aviva. That's who the 3rd party are insured with. I just feel like I am the one who has to do all the phoning around and as if I'm the one who is going to be at a loss for something I didn
  5. Hi. On 18/11/16 my car was legally parked outside my house and it was hit by another vehicle. It wouldn't lock so Hastings sent someone to tow it away. 2 days later I had a hire car dropped off and I was also contacted by a guy on behalf of Hastings who had 'evaluated' my car. He told me it was a write off and offered me £500. I told him I thought it ws worth more so he asked me how much I bought it for. I got it for £500 but my stepdad is good friends with the seller so got the price down from £900. I was then told that you only "get what you paid for it". His valuation change
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