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  1. Hi all, Apologies, this is now the third time I have replied in this thread......(I have now realised that if I am auto signed out during typing a reply, signing back in after posting said reply results in the complete loss of that reply..). Short version.....case went to court, could not attend, they, of course, did not attend, they were given en 30 days to re-apply, this didn't happen.... So I guess, WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!! Many thanks for all the advice I received from various people here, I really appreciate it!
  2. They are still ongoing, both will conclude in the next 4 weeks or so....
  3. Yep, my own fault...too much going on, change of job, (start new one Monday), one of many things dividing and conquering my time.
  4. As I said, missed it.....miscalculation on my part and was too late...date on cf was 06/07/17
  5. Hi all, due to a massive cock up by myself I have missed a claimform deadline and judgement has been issued according to MCOL, this was because I went on holiday and was too late when I got back, yesterday....completely my own fault! Is there anything I can do?
  6. Thanks Andyorch, phoned the court and it turns out the court on the notice of txr is handling the paperwork and when I get a hearing date it will be held at my local court.
  7. Yes... ...did not put down address though, just the town..
  8. Update:- Have spoken to mediation, not suitable due to not having received all the requested paperwork from Lowell. Got a letter yesterday, "Notice of transfer of proceedings" so will wait and see if things progress on their side. One question, the transfer has been made, but not to my local court, to a court 60 miles away......who can I contact to get this changed, the court on the notice of transfer? Thanks, will update as things progress.
  9. DQ from court sent, copies to be sent to Lowell on Tuesday.
  10. So, as stated above, I have received a copy of the claimants DQ, but I have not received anything from the bulk centre, and mcol does not state that the claim has been allocated to the SCT, how long does it take?
  11. Well, I have today received a very "nice" email from Moriarty law starting with "we should be obliged if..." and includes lines such as "we politely request...", a far cry from the usual "pay us or we will send a doorstep collector.." etc. Of course I will not grace it with a reply, just thought it was funny seeing as I am awaiting the DQ's they need to file to continue..
  12. Received a copy of DQ's from Lowells on Friday, I will report back once mine have arrived from the court.
  13. Nope, no MMF.... Plus I have various others showing in default that I know have been sold to other dca's, so should these then be updated to"settled"?
  14. Hi Guys / Gals, Just a quick question, I've just signed up to Noddle and according to my credit report, this "debt" originating with MrLender, is marked as "settled", shouldn't this be in default?
  15. Thanks for that info, I'll update as and when...
  16. Take a look at my thread here, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?475078-Lowell-claimform-old-T-Mobile-debt&p=5009920#post5009920 I'm a bit further along the process than you so you can get an idea of what may need doing. Also read other threads as there are many successful defences and it will keep you grounded.
  17. As it's been a week I just thought I'd update that nothing more has yet transpired, except receiving defence acknowledgement. Checking MCOL daily.
  18. As it's been a week I just thought I'd update that nothing more has yet transpired, except receiving defence acknowledgement. Checking MCOL daily.
  19. Hi CAGgers, I have received an NIP/S172 to determine driver at time of offence. I will send that off and wait.... I was late for work, not an excuse, I'm guilty, just want to know what my chances of getting an awareness course rather than fine/points are? I have a clean licence.
  20. I see, thanks again. I will update as things unfold....
  21. Many thanks Andyorch....quick question, should I post the breakdown of the claim, 1,2,3,4 at the top etc with my defence....so it makes sense?
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