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  1. Thanks dx, I thought as much but I just wanted to check. I don't want them filing a CCJ against me, as I will be applying for a mortgage in the next 12 months, and I don't think that will go down well!
  2. Hello! It seems I am another persons struggling with CRS/Harlands etc etc. Way back in 2012, I entered into a gym contract with Fitness First in Leeds whilst at University. I then moved back home (40 miles away) and called Fitness First and asked them to transfer my "home" club to being back at my parents home, they said this was fine. Fitness First then shut down my local gym, I called them and they said everything was cancelled and that they were sorry for any confusion. I then found a DD on my bank account to "Harlands" in around February/March 2013, went into my bank, said I didn't know who this was and they reversed the charges, I didn't hear anything at all. Then came emails in August 2013 from The Zinc Group, asking me to contact them. Being a naive early 20's anxiety ridden mess, I only communicated with them once to tell them to stop calling me. This went on for a few weeks as I ignored their calls, then I heard nothing from them. Roll on to Friday last week (December 9th 2016) and I receive a text message from CRS saying "Please call CRS today on 01444 449*** as your account has now been returned to us from the Zinc Group. We're open between 8:30am and 6pm" I then received an email asking me to contact them regarding my account at TruGym Leeds (which is what the Fitness First turned into - I never stepped foot in the place), and I have received another email this morning asking me to contact them today, other wise they will pass it on to Spratt Endicott Just looking for some advice really. I don't think they have my correct address as I have not received anything in writing from them, and old emails from Zinc have my old student house address on them. The balance is apparently £193.35, but I do not plan on paying them a penny. I do not have a copy of my old contract with Fitness First, and I have never signed ANYTHING with TruGym Leeds. I never even set foot in the building to my knowledge. If anyone could advise what I need to do next that would be great. Should I continue to ignore everything from them? Seems a bit strange for them to contact me three years since they last attempted to. I genuinely thought all this had gone away. Thank you for taking the time to read this, you lovely bunch of people!
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