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  1. Two cheques arrived in the post this morning totalling £1,000
  2. I thought that as they are a code share partner and the flight took off from with in the EU it came under the charter. But i stand to be corrected - as usual
  3. Hi Martin - Correct. Given the uncertainty of the marvel that is the M25 we like to arrive at the car park early to allow for any delays. Thanks
  4. Hi! I have been a cagger since 2008 but have had to create a new account so technically this isn't my first post In August my wife and flew from Gatwick to Toronto, when we checked in (three hours in advance) we were advised the flight had been delayed by four hours and were given food vouchers as compensation. Going to be honest, we have flown as far afield as Australia and Hawaii and never had as much as a 30 minute delay in 15 years of holidaying abrade so didn't mind too much HOWEVER it did mess our plans up significantly. AirTransat have been approached as i feel we have grounds to claim compensation for the delayed flight, however they have point blankly refused. What are your thoughts?
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