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  1. Having driven through this junction on 11th, 15th , 16th and 22nd Nov I can confirm that PCN's are only being sent out if you approach Surbiton Crescent from Kingston. It was also reported in the press that the council was issuing 'warnings to drivers' (thisisourtownkingston - link removed]) presumably prior to going live on Nov 14th, although I clearly did not get one for driving through on 11th and I'd love to know why? As usual, Kingston Council delights in the revenue it generates by not clearly or fairly advising the car drivers who it loves to target who in this case, have used this junction for years and are now being once again persecuted for financial gain. Besides a clear lack of information, it was also quite evident that you (a) cannot accurately see the 'no entry signs' until you've already turned into the junction and (b) the 'camera' sign only becomes visible once you are inside the road, as it positioned to high and is obscured by an other sign behind it. However, having photographed this junction on 22/11, I can now see that yesterday 10/12 the no entry signs have been moved and angled toward the on coming traffic, giving marginally better warning to approaching drivers. Therefore, Kingston Council must have conceded that the existing signage was in fact 'insufficient' to warn drivers. As this appears to be the case, then surely this means that all PCN's issued between 14/11 and the time that they changed the signs (early December, I think although no date is given) must now be rendered invalid? On the day I photographed this junction, I was there for ten minutes and saw at least as many cars drive through, completely unaware that there were being targeted. I think this alone proves exclusively how Kingston council has a duty of care to inform motorists that they could be penalised before they are fined. However, as is clearly evident, Kingston Council carries out poor practice in this regard and this needs to stop as at best, it only gives a bad name to the borough and its staff. Therefore, I would like to see that; all motorists receive a warning letter initially instead of a PCN. This, I believe is the only way to honestly and fairly let motorists know that road layouts have changed. However, given the disgraceful and embarrassing amount of revenue this has so far generated for RBK, I am sure they would never agree to it. I would also like to see; Kingston Council publicly accept that they need to amend their practices in this area and move to become more transparent with their intentions as should be good practice at all times for a local authority. Over 12000 PCN's in a 'crescent' between Nov 14th and Dec 11th. Really? Do the decent thing Kingston. You've clearly made a mistake. Start sending out your best apologies and refunds before the year is out.
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