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  1. Thanks for advice. It's the least I can do to stop the crooks getting any financial gain.
  2. Inclined to agree......the one star review has already been given. It is a bitter pill, but a drop in the ocean compared to what some have lost. Thanks for your time.
  3. Funnily, Citizens Advice just got back to me about another case I reported to do with secondary ticketing (I am having no luck online at the moment whatsoever). I will email them and see what the outcome is. Am not hopeful, but am not prepared to roll over and accept defeat yet. Thank-you for the info, it is appreciated.
  4. Thanks for responding. Apologies for the poor presentation, there were breaks between paragraphs prior to hitting the submit button. I had already read a great number of posts on the link you gave me, which inspired me to add my own story to drum up other evidence specifically regarding the company calling themselves "Phone Recyclers". I have reported to Trading Standards in any case.
  5. On 21st October 2016 I entered into a contract with PhoneRecyclers whereby they offered to pay me £80.00 for a fully functional Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 LTE. The device was posted to them on 25th October and I received an email from them on the 28th October claiming the phone was damaged and offering me £20.00. This email went into my junk mail folder and I did not discover it until 7th November. In their email they stated that my item had “LCD Bubbles” and “Dents all over the body” and offered me a reduced price of £20. They also stated that if I was unhappy with the reduced offer to contact them immediately on the email address provided or call them on the number provided and they would cancel the order and send my item back to me. (No mention of any fees for this). I disputed their evaluation on 7th November and requested that they cancelled my order and return my phone as per their instructions in the email they sent me. They emailed me again on 9th November offering me a revised price of £26.00, which I also rejected, and instructed them to return my item to me again. I got no response, so I emailed them on the 16th November asking for an update on my order, and again on the 17th November. They emailed me on the 18th November whereby they claimed they had tried to call me, but that they couldn’t get through. In this email they asked me to contact them on the number provided on their website to discuss my order. I have tried repeatedly to call them on the number given, but this number continually tells me that all their advisers are busy and to email them, which I have also done repeatedly. I emailed them on the 18th November stating that I had had no missed calls or voicemails and once again instructing them to cancel my order immediately and return my item to me. They have emailed me again today asking me for a valid contact number so that you will try to contact me during working hours. They have now been in possession of my Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 LTE since the 28th October 2016 and I now believe it is their intention to defraud me of its full worth by claiming that the screen was damaged. I have now asked them on four separate occasions to return my item and given them reasonable opportunity to do so. They have ignored these requests. I emailed them last on 22/11/16 giving them 14 days to either pay the full amount or return my phone. The 14 days are up today. No money has been paid, the phone has not been returned and they have not acknowledged my last email, let alone responded to it. Has anyone successfully taken this company to court? What steps should I take next? Any help gratefully received.
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