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  1. I’m taking Direct Auto Financial Services to Court Their Solicitor Irwin Mitchell states in their reply they will be defending my claim. Has anyone else taken DAFS to court? What did they do? Any help thanks
  2. It is a cold weather Payment people on benefits get on top of your benefits don’t worry it doesn’t effect your usual benefits
  3. I wouldn’t bother they told me I chose to have them extra covers so I don’t have a case. Even though I was told I had to have them to get the things I wanted now they are saying I chose to add them which wasn’t the case. But now it is my word vs theirs so I can’t win then can I
  4. Hi Sorry to bother you I have a question concerning Monument credit card on the SAR documents how did the PBP come up On your statement? Under what name and how much was it? Did it vary each month Thanks for your help if you can
  5. Is there anyone else that has uploaded their statements that I could cross check please as I can't see where there was PBP added thanks
  6. Never knew I had it. What is Merchandise Interest at 1.666% per month Annual charge £15
  7. I will have to scan later as can't now but on customer service memo it says CODE 14 PBP NoV sent Aug 05 notifying PBP re-price to 0.69% with CAP, effective 01/10/05 What does this mean
  8. Yes can't see anything on there though. Do you know why the copies aren't statement type copies
  9. Hi I received the paper work requested and I can not tell if I have PBP on it as there are not proper copies of the statements Just typed on to paper all squashed together.is this the norm to not get statement copies and how do I find it I paid PBP as not clear Any help be great thank you guys
  10. I'm on my phone is it a different format as I press my name and it just goes to my name saying message
  11. How do I start my own thread thanks
  12. Hi I am also having a battle with DAFS and got to the stage where I can't think of what way to turn now. I received a SARS request and got things I never signed just look like they written on plain paper for some the main thing I am disputing is that how they got me to sign into an agreement when I was not employed I was told that we wouldn't get the credit if I didn't sign the PPI I told them they had deceived me into the contract as there is No way I could have been accepted as a second customer as I had no credentials to be able to sign into a legal agreement t
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