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  1. Indeed I will. Especially considering this . email below : Seems 120 GBP plus another 57 GBP! Someone mention clowns.... Further to your reference if you wish to change the inbound date from 27th Apr, 2014 to 26th Apr, 2014. The date change fee will be GBP 120.00 plus the fare difference is GBP 57.00 Total it will cost you GBP 177.00. Please find the attached file of Date
  2. ...and this....".Thank you for booking online with Omega Travel, and your booking reference with us is OE355F09. As per your email. I would like to inform you that you dont need to pay GBP 50.00. The refund amount of GBP 120.00 is after the deduction of the administration fee GBP 50.00. So Kindly take the print of Tax refund form, sign, scanned and sent back me again. " Holy mother of god. What an adulterated load of tosh. In my humble opinion.
  3. Thank you. Did seem a bit odd in the extreme. I will ask the question for sure. I will also send the 'very long' string of conversations to their head office for an explanation.
  4. Anyone had experience of this? To compensate for the ludicrous charge for changing flight. i have the option of applying for tax refund. Thank you for booking online with Omega Travel, and your booking reference Further to our email conversation. Please find the attached file of Tax Refund Form. Kindly take the print, sign, scanned and sent back me again. To enable us to process a refund, we require all customers to sign and return the refund application form that was sent to you by email. To guarantee the refund due, we will need the refund application to be signed and returned to us the same day. Failure to respond within the same day, may alter the amount of refund due to yourself. Thank you. Kind regards, Online Booking Support
  5. Clowns? Bit harsh..on clowns to be honest. I feel like using words like xxxxxxx more so. Anyone who charges £30 never mind £120 (I've no real evidence the airline actually DO charge this , yet) for a few keyboard clicks. Then imagines it to be 'admin charges' is more xxxxxxx than funny. If you get my drift. I've enquired after the airline to see how much they DO charge for such errors.
  6. Omega Flight Store shocker! Latest: £120 PLUS £30 ADMIN FEE!! "Please note the admin fee is included in GBP 150 (subject to availability) "
  7. Hi rebel, Yes, I'll try and communicate with a manager. Sound idea. Do you think this refund on airport tax is possible? Or just a way of easing my away.
  8. Latest from OmegaFlightStore " Please note the ticket is non refundable. We can help you to apply airport tax refund which is GBP 120 (approx) " - to me this doesn't make sense. To move my flight by one day they will charge £120. But the ticket is 'non-refundable' which to me equates to 'cannot be moved'
  9. Certainly sound advice, I've taken a snapshot of the page. It is OmegaFlightStore though http://www.omegaflightstore.com/ thanks again. Pelvic
  10. Like it. I'm preparing an email to my wife so she can print/post it to them. I'll find the M.D.s details and he'll be 'bombarded' too. I'll start the Arik Airlines story on another thread but short story: Their website had " system error message" after I'd booked and paid for a flight. customer support informed me 'sometimes it does that - but still takes the money (yeh i know). 3 days later it hadn't so i booked with another airline. Took me six months and bizarre circumstances to get the money back - from my bank not Arik. Yet. Oh also its the only website I've ever seen that asks for your ATM pin-code!!
  11. Really glad you got a result. All sound advice. I will write when I get back to England. (letters take 3 weeks from here) - At this point I could mention a tale of woe and eventual success with Arik Airlines using similar tactics to yours. As i say i didnt realise the error until the following day but their hours are only Monday to Friday Open 9am - 6pm anyway so it wouldn't have helped. regards P.T.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I didnt realise my mistake until the following day which is when i called them. Would've made little difference though their 'customer service' was closed all night. To make matters worse, I'm in the middle of Africa so the call cost a fortune whilst I was waiting. My flight isn't for 2 weeks yet so i'm sure they have time to resell the flight. Did you have any success - moral if not financial.
  13. Understood no problem. It was in the very first post. So.. 120GBP is extortionate right? Most people agree with me. Although some (wealthier) people I work accept it as 'normal' . I can accept paying for my mistake in some way - but that much! many regards P
  14. Hmmm. Appreciate your response but as long as we can book 24 hours a day, we should expect a quicker response than I received. Also a charge of 120GBP ! for a flight than in total cost only 470GBP. Shocking. Surely the whole point of C.A.G. is to retaliate against such bad retail practice. On a point of principle, I will rebook the return the flight with another airline. Then continue my 'disagreement' with OmegaFlightStore. Unless anyone has other ideas.
  15. The latest..after informing me my ticket is non-refundable, however I can change it. " Thank you for booking online with Omega Travel, and your booking reference with us . Further to your email, please note that your ticket is non refundable but changeable."
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