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  1. Nothing received whatsoever, I expected further letters but haven't received a single thing.7 weeks until the 6 years statute of limitations passes in my case
  2. Cheers dx, appreciated as ever, If a claimform does land I'll log it here, just to give a timeline for other people in a similar position. Also if nothing happens I'll log when the 6 years statute passes, again as a reference point for others.
  3. Hi again, just by way of update today received a letter from BW stating my position is noted, and they will seek client's instructions to issue county court proceedings. It really is bad form how these letters are worded, obviously enough people panic and respond with payment. Is it worth getting into mail ping-pong with them from here? Also, CSA/SRA complaints - are these worthwhile at this point? Thanks for the input.
  4. thanks dx! I will update on any developments Cheers
  5. Hi all, I'm on a similar path to a lot of posters on the site - having received a PCN back in April 2011, which was ignored as well as the various red letters that followed, I was surprised yesterday (3rd Dec) to receive the recovery letter from BW Legal. It was a notification that 'your account has been passed to our legal team', usual £120 PCN + fees of £54. This one was for Gallowgate, Strawberry Place, Newcastle upon Tyne. I have read a lot of posts and much appreciate the advice, takes the worry away, but just to confirm, what do I do now? Ignore pending further letters or write back with the simple letter along the lines of: "Dear Sir/Madam Your Ref: **** I refer to your letter dated ***. I have no intention of paying the money demanded by your client and any court proceedings will be vigorously defended. You should note that this charge is disputed and you must now refer this matter back to your client and cease and desist all contact with me. I will not respond to any further communication on this unless it comes from a court. I trust I have made myself clear. Yours faithfully" Obviously the 6 years statute of limitations will arrive next April 2017, and as it is pre POFA per other posts part of me would love the chance of a day in court. But confirmation of next steps would be much appreciated. PS - I moved house a few years back yet the letter has come to my new address. From reading other posts about default CCJs and old addresses I suppose I should be pleased it has? Thanks
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