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  1. So , in my opinion they have acted on my behalf without my authority and are trying to claim without any basis. Wondering what my next step is?.my cheques are in the post to me from rbs.
  2. Hi all, I had contacted the claims guys to act on my behalf and find out if I had any mis sold ppi with rbs and received numerous letters and calls asking me to fill out more info. I called them and went through their questions for four of my previous loans and gave up as the questions were repetitive and I did not have time to go through them all. Some weeks later I received 8 offer letters through the post from rbs offering me money and I also received some days later 8 invoices from the claims guys asking me for money for the work they did on these claims. Now I only we
  3. Hi there I wonder if I could receive some advice about the claims guys ? I have received 8 letters from rbs offering me around £5500 for mis sold ppi . I used the claims guys to act on my behalf . I called them after receiving so many letters asking me to fill them out and return them . I was asked to answer each question to support my claims after answering the same questions on four of the claims I got bored and said I do not have the time to continue and left it there, the person said to me that I would need to answer all of the questions for each claim befor
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