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  1. Can someone advise me on how to remove this thread please. Of the upmost importance. I will not comment further. I just need this thread removed from this site.
  2. I'll ask for the breakdown. I'm just trying to figure out the origonal website. I'm having to work backwards through a million emails lol.
  3. I signed up in September so it's taken a whole lot of time. I was misled in the very first instance. Admittedly I didn't read term and conditions as I wasn't actually on their own website (and who does anyway) and they were mission to find.
  4. I literally have no idea how to do that until I can use the scanner at work on Monday. (Not very techy) your all being so helpful as well I think i done it
  5. Work mileage tax rebate . Co . UK. I have probably but none of this was made clear to me. I didn't actually go through their website it was a link on another site. On the paperwork they sent me (which I signed) it doesn't state anywhere that I couldn't claim for commuting and was only made aware of this on the phone on Friday. They have now told me I have to phone hmrc and tell them I am no longer submitting the self assessment or I'm breaking some law or another. Then I get the invoice for nearly £1000!!! I was expecting to have to pay something out of the rebate received (that I'm now not getting) but not this much! I think I may be possibly up the creek?!! I'm perfectly willing to pay the £120 even though I was misled but not 900 odd when they terminated the agreement.
  6. It wasn't an email or a text link that I clicked on. I think know I'll speak to hmrc on Monday and see what they suggest as to whether they work with this company or not.
  7. Hi all. I have recieved an invoice today for nearly 1000 pounds for a service provided for a tax rebate that I'm not actually now entitled to. I have been asked by the company to phone hmrc myself to let them know I will no longer be filing a tax return. The company is work milage tax rebate.ei The terms of the rebate were not made very clear from the outset and now I have recieved a bill from the company. I believe I was missold the service as I read all paperwork throughly and the way that it's all worded does not make it clear. Do I have to pay this invoice if I believe the I have been misled?
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