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  1. I have around £10K of debts and these people are just going to let them become statute barred without doing anything? Once these debts drop off my credit report will I just do the same again to get free money every 6 years?
  2. Everything is insecured. What are the chances I'm going to get door-stepped in the next few months for these debts? If I received court papers, would I still have the opportunity to make a repayment proposal before ending up in court? The Santander letters, if they're still sending them, will be going to an old address, should I write to them advising my current address?
  3. Is it 5 years after last payment?
  4. I meant the line "all debts incurred whilst living in Scotland"
  5. It would be helpful if I knew what you were quoting.
  6. Thanks. I thought statute barred status depended on the contract etc? Is it definite that these debts will all be SB after 5 years, or do I need to see the agreements I signed?
  7. I posted a thread last week in general debt issues forum, not realising Scotland had it's own forum, I've worked out my actual debt position, so hopefully I'll give better information, and be able to get better advice back. This is a summary of my debts as per Noddle: The dates above are as per Noddle, and the Since payment/default is years passed. I've received a letter from Lowell regarding the Capital One debt, but nothing from Santander. I note on Noddle that they still have an old address attached, despite me being on the voters roll at another address for over 2 years. So I've got no idea if Santander have been chasing or not. Noddle has me as 'gone-away' for the Santander loan debt. The letter from Lowell states they want to work with me, but can only help if I get in touch etc etc. Just looking for some advice on what to do next. Obviously I'm approaching 5 years since last payment on these debts, but not sure if these become statute barred after 5 or 6. All debts incurred whilst living in Scotland. Should I just ignore until I receive something from the courts, or should I start a template letter process? If so, which one?? Thanks all
  8. I'm in a similar position, so would like to know what happened!
  9. I'm in Scotland, I am not on the mortgage, this particular bill was from O2. The larger debts are credit cards or loans, and all defaulted 2012, loan was about 18 months old at that point. I'm more concerned that Jesé wills will love to court action, and just wondering ow likely this is.
  10. I've got 4 accounts totalling £10K in debt, either credit card or bank loans. All 4 are defaulted on my credit report and are all around 4 years old. I received a 'Pre-Legal Assessment' letter from Lowell regarding one of this accounts this morning advising my account is being escalated for legal assessment, threatening potential Sheriff court action. This particular debt is only for £256, so I presume this is probably just hot air. I'm currently living with my partner and I want to know what are the chances of debt collection agents of bailiffs turning up at my door? Would this only happen after court action? Is it now just a matter of time before I get similar letters regarding the other debts, and should I now make arrangements to repay?
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