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  1. Drove down Palace Road and then turned left into Surbiton Crescent, there aren't any warning signs along this route about the changes. RBK have hit the news in both Daily Mail and Surrey Comet - over 12000 PCN's issued since 14/11/2016!! On the side I entered it does also say for access, but people are still receiving PCN's for access as well.
  2. It was except buses, taxis and for access. I've attached 3 pics hopefully I've done it right!
  3. Hi Ford Yes that looks to be the right one. I think that the signs began going up in September and they kept adding more signs at the request of the residents!
  4. Thanks ericsbrother for your response. How would I check if the Traffic Order is correctly in place? Also have done a bit of research - with a contravention 52 should the PCN also have a letter ie a b c d attached advising which vehicles are prohibited as mine does not? It just says "certain types of vehicle"
  5. Hello I'm hoping I can get some help/advice please. Two days ago I received a PCN from Kingston Council stating that I had committed a moving traffic offence for contravention 52 - failing to comply with a prohibition on certain types of vehicle. The alleged offence happened on 17/11/16 and the PCN was dated 25/11/16. They have supplied 4 CCTV pictures which show my car in colour in 3 pictures but you cannot read the registration. The fourth picture is blacked out and clearly shows just my registration number. The road traffic signs are in the pictures but they are not very clear. I'm looking to see if I can appeal the PCN as albeit I did drive through a restricted area it was a genuine mistake and there are some other circumstances I feel should be taken into consideration. In October this year Kingston Council decided to trial a new scheme along part of the road I drove through (Surbiton Crescent KT6 prior to this there were no restrictions for any vehicles). at one end there a small section where they have now restricted all motor vehicles (the sign displayed) except buses, cycles and taxis and for access. They apparently allowed some sort of bedding in period and have by their own admission on the website issued over 5500 warnings to motorists who have missed the signs . The new route along this road is to turn left onto any one of 2 roads rather than going through the restricted area. There is only one other sign along this road pointing out the changes but nothing significant to advise motorists that have used that road regularly that they have introduced this major change. PCN from CCTV footage commenced 14/11/2016. I believe that they have not put up enough signs to motorists who use this road on a fairly regular basis (myself included) to make them aware of the changes. When I returned to view the road signs yesterday, people were still driving through the signs which have been placed on temporary bollards along the actual road and others were also there after receiving PCN's for the same offence. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks.
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