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  1. A very quick update here. I've viewed and read and am up to date with the progress of this thread and the attention and time you have devoted to it has and not been lost on me. I have high gratitude and want to thank CAG without reserve. Yes I will upload letters very soon. My Mum goes through periods of sickness. These come and go and unfortunately, she's sick at the moment and until it passes she'll be very poorly. As soon as she rallies again I'll be back here with the uploads. I'm wouldn't leave this thread without being part of its conclusion and fully intend to share all things tha
  2. Many thanks for your guidance and advice. All is welcomed. Will form any future posts more concisely. Insurer was Hastings Direct. 29 years of accident free driving and years spent as one of their clients and I am cancelled with no email notification or phonecalls and only one or two letters received. (We live on a very long road with many identical house numbers and very similar post codes and much of our mail goes astray.) They seem to lacking in loyalty to loyal customers.
  3. Reversing out of a parking space in a tiny car park (room for maybe ten cars at a pinch) of a Caravan Park, my car came into contact with another... Rear bumper to rear bumper. I had a dent. His had a crack... Nothing major. A bump not a crash. He made a note of my reg and took my phone number just in case but we were both of a similar mind and parted with a shake of the hand and the prospect of a visit to the repair shop when the holiday was over and then driving back home with our NCD record intact. Two weeks after I received an Accident report form from my insurer infor
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