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  1. Thanks for sharing. It's good to hear people don't regret this decision, I'm prepared to give them a go now. Save
  2. Thank you, this is really informative and a great practical help.
  3. Also, apologies to everyone for oversharing. I will be back when the rlp letter arrives.
  4. I don't know, maybe admitting I'm out of control? Or that they would influence me in a bad way? But after what happened, I'm prepared to try, if the doctors say it might be a good idea.
  5. And it definitely is, thank you again, & it's good to have people sharing their knowledge (I learned in the past the importance of looking into legislation and its interpretation and that it's something to be encouraged).
  6. It is much appreciated, believe me. I already feel better thanks to this thread and your replies. Being with it on my own with nobody to share, I felt I could not get over what I did and didn't know how to cope. So, with all my heart, thank you. Like I said in the beginning, I tried to skip how I felt and my thoughts. I also really didn't want to portray myself as a victim. At the end of the day, it wasn't compulsion, I made a choice (a bad one). I have thought a lot of why I did it since and can see some things that pushed me over the edge. I have been struggling with depression and physical illness and other problems, but thought I have overcome them and was now on top of things. I will ask my GP for help next week. I had some counseling when still at uni over a year ago, but I'm scared of antidepressants.
  7. Hi and thank you. I will definitely post the letter as soon as I'll receive and will be grateful for any assistance. As for the staff, I did feel horrible, but I did a horrible thing. So it is understandable if they showed their disgust or were intimidating or probably found it hard to believe the price difference wasn't big. I'm actually glad they caught me. Sure, I'd rather someone came to me on the shop floor to tap me on the shoulder and that would have been enough for me not show my face there out of shame ever again and to realise I need some help, but I deserved what I got. I don't know why I did it and have no intention to repeat it...
  8. I don't, I did thank you for correcting me, hope I wasn't rude. And I appreciate your help. What I said later was that I do not want to trespass unknowingly.
  9. Thank you, it would normally be my understanding, but the store guard told me just entering may be treated as burglary, thanks for correcting me. And I honestly have no intention of going in, just worried I may enter one outside city centre unknowingly, hence my question to people from Birmingham.
  10. Thank you, DX, I hope this is right, I am very worried. I'd rather stay out, I'm too ashamed and consumed by guilt as it is.
  11. Thank you, I haven't yet got a letter from RLP, just the leaflet at the store. I'm worried about them, I get intimated easily. Of course, I have no intention of going to any TK store or any shop in the city centre, but now I'm scared just to go to any shop, including my local Coop, Asda or Lidl, in case they belong to that system. I don't want to be prosecuted for burglary just for entering. Regarding that over-refund, I guess I will look on TKMaxx website and write to them? Or does anybody know if there's a way to send it back just via my bank account?
  12. Thanks for your reply. Like I wrote, it is RLP, not store solicitors. As for £2.49, you mean I shouldn't try to return it?
  13. I swapped the tags in TKMaxx yesterday (30/11). it's the first time I did something like this so don't know what happens next and would be grateful for help. . Got banned for a year from all TKMaxx stores in UK and due to a crime prevention system they operate also from all the shops in the Birmingham city centre. I was told it's the city centre only, but the leaflet seems to say otherwise, I'd appreciate if someone had the same experience and could advise, please. When asked if it means I'll have a criminal record now, the guard assured me it had nothing to do with the police and the only reason my name and address were passed to the officer already present (there were some police officers already, detaining two men) was to confirm my address as I had no such confirmation on me. Was told the store's solicitors will be in touch asking for a fine, which might be between £50 and £100 and if that's not affordable, I will need to let them know. I checked the leaflet after finding this forum, it is RLP . I wanted to pay, but not sure I should anymore? I wouldn't be able to pay it all or all in one go, so I would have to speak/write to RLP . I am very scared of another debt collector and also of possible court prosecution, don't know what I should do? I've been looking for a job for a while, RLP says they're allowed to share my record with potential employers. Does it mean I can only apply for positions open to people with criminal record? Or abroad (or maybe this doesn't make a difference as they'd check even from overseas)? I'm also scared it may count as another fraud, so would like for this mistake to be rectified. Thank you.
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