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  1. Thank you, do I start this with Cabot or rectums? Cabot is the claimant
  2. Yes and couldn’t get through, I don’t trust them at all and want a paper trail of everything that is discussed/sent to them.
  3. Hi Andyorch, I have spoken to my wife and she has very reluctantly agreed to arrange a settlement with them. Where would I find a template letter to set the wheels in motion? I would rather keep as much as possible via writing as I do not trust them at all. Thank you again for everything you people are truly amazing.x
  4. Hi Andyorch, Thank you I will speak to my wife when she gets home from work to see what she wants to do. She will want to stop a ccj on her credit file I am almost positive but cannot decide for her. Should she decide to go down that route do you guys have an appropriate template that O can use to ensure it is fully compliant and stops them from affecting her credit file? Tia.
  5. They have sent a N9A form and asked for it to be filled in and returned. They have also said that we have 14days before they life the stay on the proceedings and enter it for judgement.
  6. Hi guys, Rectums have sent a copy of the signed agreement, along with notice of assignment and also a transaction list of the payments that my father made without my knowledge. They have stated that they are prepared to listen to a reasonable settlement agreement on order to stop the legal proceedings. I am actually shocked that they have managed to locate it after 10yrs. What would you suggest now? Tia.x
  7. Yes that could have been it Andyorch. In your experience what do you think will be the next step from rectums?
  8. It began with S, I couldn’t write it down fast enough and my head is like a sieve at the moment.
  9. Ok thank you DX100, I will say that I wanted to allow them every opportunity to send me the documents right up until the post today but unfortunately they have still not responded to my Request. I am literally in the middle of the mediation process, I have just advised them that I am still awaiting the required paperwork that I request from both Cabot & Rectums. He has now called Rectums to see what they say. The mediation person has advised me that apparently Cabot and Rectums do have the paperwork that I requested over a year ago and they sent it to me on the 18th January 2017..........erm big fat lie, T however it will be re sent out to me in a couple of days.......... he even turned around and said so if they have these pieces of paperwork why have they still not sent them to you. I advised that I am not able to come to any agreement with the mediation process until I can see that this alleged debt does actually exist. He advised that it will now go back to the court where it will either be sent to the local court or it will be withdrawn by the claimant. He advised if we get a court date through then leave it a few days before the hearing date and then call them to ask if the claimant has paid the hearing fee, if they have not then I have to ask why is it still active and advise that it needs to be stopped (he used a word I've never heard of before).
  10. Ok I’m guessing I tell them once they start the mediation call/process?
  11. Not yet as I was expecting the to ask me again prior to it happening. Just had an email from mediation confirming appointment for 15.00-15.30pm tomorrow. Do I need to call them back and advise them of this or wait until they call me tomorrow?x
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