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  1. Just to let everyone know the outcome. The very generous (imho) offer of a tenner a week was rejected..... They're proposing 22 quid a fortnight. Why, oh why, i don't know but it seems like a good outcome. No more stress for my Mum, no more letter writing and form filling in for me. Thanks, Bob
  2. letter sent offering a tenner per week re-payment, deducted directly from her Pension Credit. As for my application for carers allowance the website said it'll take up to two months to hear back.
  3. I filled in an application, online, just over a Month ago, on the suggestion of the person who spoke to my Mother. Have yet to receive a reply.
  4. Just a quick question or two: My Mother, who's 80, has been overpaid by the DWP by around 1400 pounds, as she was kinda late in informing them of a change of circumstance. That I had moved in with her, as her carer, five months before. She's happy to repay the amount but we were wondering about how much to offer. I've suggested 10 pounds per week direct from her benefits. Does this sound like a reasonable amount? If not, can someone suggest what would be. Also, the DWP suggest we should call their 'Dept Management Team' , I'm kinda thinking that sending the offer by recorded delivery would be better. I really get stressed dealing with this kinda stuff over the phone, would that be acceptable? thanks in advance, bob
  5. My feelings exactly Silverfox, way out of my depth, should have gone to Citizens advice at the start. Received letter from EE today saying that the account with them will be closed next week, so I've replied to the Ombudsman saying She'll accept the offer on condition they don't try and stop the transfer at the last minute. Thanks to everyone for all the help along the way. Bob
  6. Oh, I think EE knows by now they're not wanted. Got a surprise from the Ombudsman it seems like EE has put their hands up to 'poor customer service' and have offered Fifty pounds credit as an apology. Any thoughts anyone? Really didn't expect that. Still haven't sent the query about not receiving the full terms and conditions. Maybe quit while I'm ahead, and on condition they don't stop Mother's transfer back to British Gas, which should be going through in the next week or so.
  7. So azzadle, you believe the contract is not valid without the full terms and conditions being sent out, correct? would anyone like to comment or expand on this? Seems like the best hope of stopping this 'erroneous transfer' at the moment.
  8. ok ericsbrother. I'm doing this through the Ombudsman so i'll ask them and give it a try, and see what they say.
  9. Have to agree with you Silverfox, it's seems clear to me that the first few minutes showed that either my Mother had hearing difficulties or there was problems with the line, or something. And I think they should had asked about her hearing, they did later ask if she had any medical conditions etc, my Mother mentioned a few, but not hearing loss. The Ombudsman feels that on balance she understood the conversation. A quick question to anyone, is a verbal agreement over the telephone valid if they don't send out the complete terms and conditions and that they said they would? thanks, bob
  10. Yes it's complete and unedited, 18 mins of my Mother agreeing with every statement that the caller made. It's not as helpful to our case as I would have like But there's a few things in our favour. At the start, the caller asked her a really tough question which she had difficulty in understanding, and had to repeat it four times before she realized he was asking for her post code. Later he asked her for her landline number and she thought he was asking for her postcode again. And other similar misunderstanding. The recording makes it obvious, to me at least, that she has serious hearing difficulties and that she wasn't following or understanding what the call was about. Hoping to get the call looked at by an Ombudsman rather than an adjudicator.
  11. :jaw:The Ombudsman has sent me an audio recording of the call! I've got 14 days to reply. So to the above question, it seems that they can, good to know for anyone else in a similar situation.
  12. Thanks silverfox, I wished I'd known this before. a couple of quick questions: Can the Ombudsman request a copy of the unredacted recording? Or can they take into account EE refusing to comply with a SAR? The thought of a frail 79 yr old taking on an iffy Energy Company in court isn't something i'd like to think about. So wish it was my account
  13. That's what I thought. And I think it's where I went wrong. I sent a SAR on the 3rd January, with my letter of complaint and they just refused to reply to either. But they did send their transcription of the call to the Ombudsman. Which we also haven't seen. Seems to me that EE gets to write their own version of events, and as that's the only version the Ombudsman get to see, they can't lose. think it was the full response, had two weeks to reply with new evidence if i wanted to. Just sent an e-mail asking for the Ombudsman to take into account the existed of the recording which EE refused to supply to us. What's an adjudicator? and how's that different from a 'full ombudsman' ?
  14. Got reply from Ofgen today. They've found in favour of EE. Seems like the transcript of the call, which they've refused to send to us, was supplied to Ofgen. How heavily edited i don't know. Anyone think i could get a copy of this from Ofgen tomorrow? Just want to move on, and transfer back to BG. Lot less stress, i tried .. i failed. Ofgen did say that the matter of the SAR was nothing to do with them. Thanks everyone for all the help, Bob silverfox, just out of interest do you know which company was doctoring their calls?
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