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  1. Thanks for your reply- However, If I was unsuccessful with my proposal and I submit N245..does that need a hearing...how soon could that hearing be....and what happens to bailiffs attending in meantime
  2. ok that is positive sounding that the judge could have agreed to it. I just thought I was not there and supplied no evidence so why should he have agreed problem with bailiff, I cant play hide and seek for months whilst they try and attend every few days answer to your questions- how did you come to the arrangement with UU regarding the CCJ- I called them and arranged the payment plan after ccj was handed to me did you return the form with an offer of payment to the court or you didn't defend it and got a CCJ then later agreed payment or you didn't defend it and got
  3. I paid £5 per month to United Utilities, and they said I missed payment so they sent to high court enforcement for full debt bailiff sent me letter in September and said they will be coming from certain day, so I stayed the writ, with a form N244 at the court on the N244 form I wrote as follows- under box 3 when asked "what order are you asking the court to me and why" - I answered in the box - to have the writ of control stayed and apply to the court to pay by instalments under box 10- "What information will you be relying on, in support of your application" - I a
  4. thanks for your reply I don't think the court was aware of my offer I have paid £5 per month each month since ccj , however paid nothing since bailiff involved and since I did the N244 this was water debt
  5. Hi, can someone perhaps help. I have CCJ from United utilities, which was being enforced by high court enforcement agent back in September. I stayed the writ using an N244 form as I wanted to offer £150 per month. This was subject to a court hearing where the judge would listen to my instalment offer. Unfortunately I missed that hearing which was today. Is there anything I can do now? Thanks.
  6. thanks ellen they came to agreement today...after waiting for senior management so that's sorted for now....thanks for your help on this appreciated
  7. thanks but im really unsure what I am trying to achieve surely I signed terms and conditions when I took out mortgage which lets them charge me if I miss payment etc has anyone u know actually been successful in claiming back things which they seem like are justified to charge for as I probably signed for it at beginning of mortgage term
  8. hi dx100uk, does this mean I need to get hold of statements right from beginning or how long can I go back to what do I need to look out for on statements to be able to try and claim back who would I be claiming from, is it Kensington themselves? thanks
  9. there were missed monthly payments, which I have mostly made up ...when I got solicitors letter there was 5k of arrears, I have since made the equivalent of two months payments and arrears now 3.2k.. .with an offer of paying £100 over the monthly payments going forward. ..if Kensington send it for eviction, since it has happened a few times in last 8 or 9 years...have I lost my chance
  10. thanks dx100uk.. but seems like they have not charged me for years for arrears as far as I am aware..i am more nervous of eviction being granted to be honest
  11. Hi, can anyone help please..Kensington have a suspended possession order against me from 2009. I built up a few months of arrears again in 2011 and I got eviction threatened which I got cancelled/ suspended after having told the court I would pay the arrears within 7 days which i did. again in 2012 there were some missed payments and I was threatened eviction from Kensington under the court order with an eviction date set. I got a solicitor involved and I had already paid the arrears before the eviction date was set so after letters backwards and forwards without me going to court with
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