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  1. im:- Drumble Quiggle-Boffhemble my hubby:- Lamping Quiggle-Jinny Spinner hubbys new pet name is Jinny-Spinner...........thanks Lula
  2. Im glad you read it the same as me ohoh. i just cant believe it. theyve got another cardboard box for sale aswell its due to end tomorrow. lol unbelievable.
  3. Did i read the description right?.......It was only for the box that the console comes in! This bit lol item discribsion payment details i am selling the box so please for god sake read auction i am going away for a couple of days so i wont be able to answer any questions but ill be back for a saturday post if payment has been recived payment is paypal only confirmed address only or payment will not be accepted paypal is the only method i can accept in this catorgory sorry but its ebay and ot me i will post special dilvery day after cleared payment i am selling this xbox 360 bo
  4. Hi, I know the feeling and ive only got 2 boys, i wold have gone to the customer services department to ask what the problem was with the product you wanted to purchase. This is just a hunch but there have been product recalls on many mattel toys and this could have been the problem. BBC NEWS | Business | Mattel recalls millions more toys there is a list in here of all toys involved in the safety recall. claire
  5. Hi miss I was due to attend a directions hearing in cardiff back in march along with quite a few other people, the same is happening in your case see here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/92371-cardiff-directions-hearings-post.html the banks tend to start paying out about a week before the hearing. There is a part in the link i gave you that says you could have given written representation 7 days before the hearing if you were not to attend. There is also info at the end for claims on the 14th august that are being stayed. take a look it may help you. Hope it doe
  6. Hi Loolabell, Any joy with the defence? Before you enter judgement by default please take a look at this http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/25457-guide-reclaiming-bank-charges.html?garpg=13 it could save up to a four week delay in your claim. It gives you the option of sending a letter giving them 7 days to respond to your claim. More than likely as shane has said the defence has been received and not yet been entered onto the mcol system. Hope this helps. claire
  7. This is all i can find so far http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/show-post/post-492578.html . i will carry on looking
  8. Hiya there is a S.O.E posted on here somewhere by peter rabbit which covers both angles (service and pre estimate) i will have a look and post it here for you. claire
  9. Hi and welcome, take a look at this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/guidance-notes/64911-got-court-date-guide.html. You could start a thread in the Abbey forum and let everyone know your experience and get some answers from people in that forum. hope it helps claire
  10. Congrats, not long til you get your money now i see. well done. claire
  11. hi hulmey14, its this bit you want next. After You Have Issued Your Claim Your POC's state that you will be supplying a schedule of charges, but MCOL does not allow you to attach it to your claim at the time of filing. So, once you have filed your claim, you need to send 2 copies of your schedule of charges, clearly marked with your claim no. + a brief covering letter asking for them to be filed with your claim to: Quote: The Court Manager, Money Claim Online Northampton County Court 21-27 St. Katharine's Street Northampton NN1 2LH Dear Sir/Madam (Your Nam
  12. Im sure it was only a case of butter fingers. I can only imagine how all the newbies are feeling at the moment.
  13. Hi, The only recent number i can find for Clydesdale Legal Services through the bank threads are this one Telephone: 0141 242 3718 It may help if you start a thread in that forum for somes answers from others claiming from clydesdale. claire
  14. Hi, I posted an answer to a question you had on someone elses thread. You say you have a court date next Tuesday. Look at this thread in the barclays forum http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/94602-barclays-litigation-team-good.html if your court date is that close i would phone them to see if they would like to settle. claire
  15. Hi, Take a look at this link i have put up for you and perhaps you could put a thread in your bank forum to let others no your experience so far. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/33060-basic-court-bundle.html Which bank are you claiming against? claire
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