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  1. Then it's not relevant to me. Just wondered what the store could do if they refused to return my item or refund either.
  2. NO! only what I just said, please don't say stuff like that, it's not nice, I've told you the full story. Items bought from the store online!!!
  3. I've just seen so many court cases and RLP whatever that is on here, so got a bit worried...that's all
  4. I don't care about either item and will potentially return them both. They are worth the same and mean the same to me. I did speak to them but the person on the phone had no idea about my order and said that the warehouse deals with everything and they will do refunds or get in touch if anything.
  5. well I wouldn't return 2 things to get one refund so I will leave it for now, I hope they'll return it to me if they don't want to refund without getting me in trouble for it? I don't know what to expect as I've never been in this position before.
  6. I have on occasion received the wrong item from a retailer but never returned the wrong one. It seems to me it was hard for customer service to update on anything happening in the warehouse. Therefore I thought at the worst, if and when they send it back I may send the correct one to them but for now I don't want to create a big mess due to it. These things don't even have proper labels or names, they just go by colours and the name of the product so it's hard to explain!! I am only worried in case they accuse me of something bad, in that case I'd probably
  7. What if I just leave it as I don't want to go through all that trouble, wouldn't they just send it back if they don't want to refund me anyway? I am hoping just not to get in trouble for it......
  8. I rang to check if they've received the item back. They said the warehouse takes over a week to process something sometimes. They're both their items worth pretty much the same. ..I don't want to make it worse so didn't say anything. What to expect now?
  9. I recently ordered a bag from the store online and posted it back to them. I had ordered something similar a while ago from the same store online. Both items black backpacks and the same rubbish to be honest, but I think I may have sent the wrong one back. They have received my return from what my tracking number tells me, but they've not processed it yet. I was wondering what could happen or if they'll get me in trouble for this.
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