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  1. Right so first thing is is to write to lidl to complain about the situation I know what your saying this I will do but what about Athena shall I just keep ignoring them now? How far will they take it for this parking invoice?
  2. Reminder letter On the incident you were the registered keeper You had the option to pay or say who was driving We have no payment, drivers details or an appeal within 28 days Consequently under scheduled 4 of the protection of freedoms act 2012 as keeper you are liable which is overdue Failure to pay within the next 7 days may result in Athens anpr transferring your case to a debt collection company or to further legal proceedings where additional costs could be incurred You may pay online telephone blah blah
  3. I can explain what it has got first letter says Vehicle reg: xxxxxx Incident date: 11/10/16 Parking charge notice no. x xxx xxx xxx Issue date: 13/10/16 Parking charge £90 Allowed duration of stay 00:10:00 Actual duration of stay 00:38:57 Has two dark black n white pictures of my car entering and exiting the car park quite up close cannot see driver Also says parking charge is discounted to £45 if paid within 14 days of date issued 13-10-16 Then it goes into them explains terms and conditions of the car park are clear on prominent signs due to photo evidence they believe to these terms a charge is due they applied to dvla for my details and I have 28 days to reply if I wasn't the driver
  4. Ahh thankyou Right I was thinking would they really take someone to court over a £90 charge for which they didn't have any losses for parking in a half empty car park, yes I will be going back to take pictures I'm sure there signs are very deceiving in small print to trick people into this money making scheme I'm having a problem with uploading pictures as I'm only using my iPhone right now but will post it tomorrow from the laptop
  5. Also the other forum won't let me post you asked to reply on it says it's closed
  6. Thanks silver fox No I wasn't aware of their signs stating this I can remember still seeing 90minutues free in bold and weren't aware of there new system What do you mean my PoFa? I presume this is what they send to everyone is there first steps with no response from there original letter asking for payment Yes I received the original charge a couple days after they sent it out on the date of it being issued Have you any suggestions on what I should do next?
  7. Hi all I'm a new user I've been reading on what to do can't find the right answer so far. I received a parking charge from Athena for overstaying duration over 10 mins I was 38 mins parked at lidls in lewisham and didn't realise you had to give your reg to cashier the last time I parked lidl it was just 90mins free parking it happened on the 11/10/16 and they issued it 13/10/16 charge of £90 but 45 if I pay within 14 days blah blah I ignored it then I received a overdue reminder issued 18/11/16 saying under schedule 4 of the protection of freedoms act 2012 I'm liable for the full charge which is overdue if I don't pay within the next 7 days it may result in debt collection or further legal proceedings where additional costs can be incurred and now I'm worrying and stressing about what to do should I reply or ignore can anyone help???
  8. Ok just created an account here so bare with me starting a new thread
  9. Hi I've just received a overdue reminder from them for the same thing now demanding payment within 7 days of there reminder letter I've just been ignoring them not quite sure what to write back as also it's been way over 28 days for appeal can anyone help?
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